2019 Music Releases!


PUP makes me feel so good about when I’m feeling bad


Chill house music with Japanese sampling.

Hip-hop audio documentary about the Black Panthers.

Experimental electronic indie which doesn’t disappear up its own arse.

Just gonna sneak this in at the bottom even though it’s from December because - hey - punk don’t age, right?


really love the new girlpool


This incredible cover just dropped today.

Holy shit.


I’ve listened to Charly Bliss’ new song on repeat for literal hours and I’m very excited for the new album. They have synths this time.

Lizzo released one of the best pop songs we’re likely to hear this year.

Default Genders - The last 10 seconds of this song sample Giant Bombcast, and track 2 samples Ocarina of Time. The music is good too.

Really fun post-punk tune from Gauche. “Alex Jones, I hate you too, f**k you!”

Cherry Glazerr

Methyl Ethyl

Nivhek - a new project from ambient musician Liz Harris AKA Grouper

Black Taffy - maybe a folkier Forest Swords?

HEALTH does industrial pop

Xiu Xiu gets weird with samples


You’re not wrong. Ever since The Dream Is Over I’ve been a huge fan and hoped for more punk / pop punk to grip me like they have. April seems so far away.

Also, no one does videos like PUP does. “Sleep In The Heat” is probably my favorite music video ever, and their other videos are great too.


What a good video, Chromatics!


New Aldous Harding, with a great new video too.


new Tierra Whack!! her longest single EVER!!


It’s been 20 years since the Finnish hip hop group Bomfunk MCs released the Freestyler video, so for some reason a Belgian telecommunications company decided to re-do it with the original members featuring. Kinda neat! This song was all over the place when it came out in Europe, not sure if US folks are aware of it.

Aaaaand now I’m watching all their old videos on youtube again…


This will be released tomorrow!

Edit: It’s out and is so fucking solid. Well worth the wait!


Hwasa from Mamamoo had her solo debut a few days ago and I’m really digging it. I’m not super deep into keeping up with new kpop releases anymore but this is one of the better songs I’ve heard in a while.


God, Health continues to do FANTASTIC soundtrack music.


a hypnotizing cover of Call Me Maybe by JPEGMAFIA! not a sentence i ever thought i would type but boy am i glad i get to

and another new single from Tierra Whack! more of a straightforward take on this one, the queen of mumble returns to claim her throne


This has been kind of a slow year so far for me in terms of new releases, but man I can’t stop listening to this Stella Donnelly album that just came out. Had no idea who she was until stumbling across a review for this and I am so thankful I did. It’s such a funny, honest, varied album that’s really dense with great lines and clever ideas. My favorite thing I’ve heard this year!

And I have to include this too because it’s an equally brilliant version and I really like La Blogothèque’s style of video


Gettin strong Quarters vibes from the new Gizz single, which is good.


The fluxing synths and melancholic chord progressions of Xeno & Oaklander get me feeling emotional every time. This new release is no different.


Holly Herndon released a new track off her upcoming album, Proto. It uses her AI, Spawn, in some collaborative way. It’s hard to discern the AI’s influence; the song’s sound is that of her work on Platforms but lusher, richer, and propulsive. She previously collaborated with the AI on a track featuring Jlin, called Godmother, and it feels like some of Jlin’s footwork influence has found its way into the percussion on this one.

If you ever get the chance to see Herndon live, I highly recommend it. Her performances are closer to sculptural performance art than traditional performances. It was transformative for me.


Oh shit. Little Simz has dropped another bomb.

I’m loving the extra soul and R&B she’s brought to this album, and yes, Little Dragon is featured. God damn. :grinning:


more Tierra Whack singles! god i can’t wait for the album…