2019 Music Releases!

PNL dropped a new song and video and announced a new album on 5th April, I am freaking out y’all

this video dropped a while back but the album just came out last week! really loving it so far

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PUP has dropped 3 new songs since they were last mentioned in this thread. They’re all great, but “Scorpion Hill” might be their best song period. New album next Friday!

The 3rd new King Gizzard song is really fun and groovy

Check out the new Matmos album Plastic Anniversary for a very good version of their weird, conceptual (every sound was created using plastic?) electronics.

Quelle Chris just released the best hip hop album of the year (so far) with Guns

I’ve never been a huge Weyes Blood fan, but she finally did a track I love so here it is

Elizabeth Colour Wheel became a must-hear band for me after The AVClub’s David Anthony described them as “a bit like if Joanna Newsom were singing for Neurosis”

Lastly, I’d always assumed that Wand was a generic psych/garage band, but then they proved me wrong with Thin Air

PS I appreciate the Tierra Whack coverage in this thread, and hope she does another LP soon, might as well include her 5th new song


Loma has a new song, and it’s excellent!

Jonathan Meiburg is the greatest living rock musician imho, so pretty much any project he touches is gold!

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I know it’s pretty cliche to say “X Band sounds like it’s taking a lot of influence from Y Band”, but I just can’t help making those connections with this new PUP album. “Scorpion Hill” alone gives me heavy vibes of prime era Titus Andronicus, the sing-speak verses on “Kids” make me feel like I’m listening to The Dismemberment Plan’s “Ice of Boston,” and I’m even picking up some Modest Mouse here and there toward the end of the album. What I’m saying this album is reminding me of all my favorite bands from around 2012-13, and I love it!


This is going to be my album of the year, easy. I think it’s probably their most complete album front-to-back as well. I’m just absolutely in love with it and can’t wait to see them play ‘City’ live.


I’m really feeling this new single from Mattiel.

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This song. :heart:

One of my faves this year so far (the album as a whole too).

Another of my fave 2019 releases is VOL. 4:: SLAVES OF FEAR from the band HEALTH. (Folks may know them from GTA V or the Max Payne 3 OST).

[googles Jonathan Meiburg]
Oh wow, I had no idea that Jonathan Meiburg was Shearwater! Rook is a classic album, I’m really gonna need to give Loma a better chance now. This new song is quite good, thanks for sharing!

ICYMI FKA twigs is back, and the world is a slightly better place as a result


Fishing For Fishies has officially dropped!

Listening to the complete package, I think it’s a fun and funky good ol’ time, even if it’s probably the least ambitious of King Gizzard’s more recent releases. The sound here is a lot less wild than something like MOTU or Polygondwanaland, but if you’re in the mood for some quirky shufflin’ blues rock, check it out

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A little surprised this hadn’t been mentioned here (though I guess it has only been like a day) but: Kevin Abstract (of BROCKHAMPTON) just put out his second full album, Arizona Baby. https://youtu.be/dzPP4y_RkPU
To be honest I feel like I don’t really know enough about music to say much about it, but I really dig it. It feels pretty in line with BROCKHAMPTON and Kevin’s other solo stuff, still got a kind of DIY feel that’s just really genuine.
There’s also some really neat videos that were put out in the lead up, I especially love this one:

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yes, Mannequin Pussy
Their last album ‘Romantic’ had all the punk, shoegaze, noise I love. This new track retains the emotional impact while being a bit more accessible?? Go check it out

Schoolboy Q just dropped CrasH Talk earlier this week. Really feel like he re-established himself after a disappointing blank Face album. Alot of loveable bravado Q is known for as well as some great soul bearing rapping going on in the project. Really recommend it.

Julia Shapiro of Chastity Belt is coming out with a solo album and has a new single! It’s crunchy and chill and I love it.

Saw them in Brooklyn last week and it was one of the most fun shows I’ve ever been to. The new album rocks extremely hard.

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I’ve been listening to the new Sunn O))) and it’s probably my favorite release of theirs since Monoliths and Dimensions

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Here’s a real cool one for fans of trance/80’s sci-fi soundtracks. The album is really inspired by 80’s anime especially (this artist did a remixed album of the Akira soundtrack) and is so richly textured.

New Tyler, The Creator album. Folks…

…it good.