2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates: Do They Have Policies? What Are Their Policies? Let's Find Out!

So much of Oliver’s format is ruined by the jokes, it’s really quite tragic.

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I feel like it’s always the same joke that ruins it, something along the lines of:

“No, stop it Sir Penterton, stop! Cease! Sir Penterton! Stop it! You’re a bad poodle, Sir Penterton! Your parents are very disappointed. Sir Penterton, stop!”


The thing about yang is that his top level stuff sounds fine, but any decent idea he has is better explained by Warren or Sanders and both of them have decades of experience on yang. Also, when yang is asked to explain the specifics of his policies I have found him to be either vague or out over his skis. I’m not sure he ever thought about all the implications of UBI before he started popping off. I’m not sure he has any understanding of social welfare. I know bernie does.
I can never shake the feeling that yang would look at me like a test subject in some tech idea and if his shit failed he’d just go fuck off back to tech world. I have no time for candidates that won’t bleed for me. Republicans want me dead. Actually. Literally. Dead. This isn’t a fun game. I’m not here to fuck around with some yang gang nonsense. Show me you are willing to fight to the death for my right to be a human being or get the entire fuck out of here.
And like, I’ve looked into venture america. That’s a capitalist nightmare that creates more exceptional cases but doesnt actually get to the root of problems. Its entirely in line with “no losers” philanthropy which does not work. And that is what he believes in. I know this, because that’s his non profit. He made that shit. He believes in that. That is what he puts his money towards.


It is so hard for me to watch this and keep in mind that mainstream Democrats/DNC have a very real shot at losing to him in a general election.

YES a thousand times YES I’ve been saying this about the show since it started and it got tiresome in the first few episodes.

I used to just fast forward through most of the jokes because they did the videos such a disservice, but I don’t even care enough to do that nowadays.


If the culinary union leadership really deceived the members like this, I feel like it should be a pretty big deal

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It’s easy to say Oliver would be more palatable without the jokes when you’re already receptive to the message, but without the jokes, literally nobody would watch it. There’s basically been one serious news magazine show in America for 50 years and even it gets 1/3 the ratings it used to.


I think people understand that.

They just want better jokes.


Yeah, most of the leftist/left-lite content I know people like has a comedy element, but I definitely laugh more often watching them than any of Oliver’s stuff.


¯_(ツ)_/¯ I think he’s funny. But his audience is strong enough for him to be significant regardless of of our opinions.


There was a Data for Progress (I know it’s one poll, but they were accurate in Iowa and NH) poll showing Bernie at 30%, Warren at 16%, Buttigieg at 15%, and Biden at 14%. I don’t remember when that poll was relative to the debate, but between those numbers and the poll I saw showing Bloomberg’s favorable numbers dropping 30 points after the debate, I feel pretty darn okay about Bernie’s chances.

Bloomberg isn’t even on the ballot in Nevada so no worries this round. Sanders is a heavy favorite, been ahead in every recent poll save 1 according to fivethirtyeight. Would actually be extremely disappointing for him if he didn’t win cleanly.

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I know his strategy is more about superdelegates and waiting out the other mediocre centrists, so the early states don’t matter per se, but even after that dreadful showing at the debate, I would not have been surprised if he was third, even second, in Nevada were he on the ballot everywhere. It’s not like he couldn’t have afforded to send someone around gathering signatures; the dude could afford to give everyone who signed it $500 and would have spent as much of his net worth as I do if I throw a Snickers bar in my cart while standing at the checkout.

Extremely happy about Sanders’ resounding success with Culinary workers, who clearly rejected leadership’s unfounded scaremongering in favor of class conciousness. This is how the left wins.


Still a bit to report in, but it looks like he’s got a sizable lead that’s going to translate into a good delegate lead. (Unlike the last two.) That’s fantastic, especially as we move into states that he’s not currently the frontrunner in.


Here’s an actual article about this, rather than two tweets.


Marianne Williamson has endorsed Bernie Sanders, so she’s officially the best meme candidate (sorry, Yang). Her politics are whatever, but hey, let’s get that middle-aged white woman vote. :crystal_ball:


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