2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates: Do They Have Policies? What Are Their Policies? Let's Find Out!


Oh god that thing. So much crap happens that I’ve actually forgotten what incredibly stupid centralist thing one of the hosts of that podcast did on Twitter but I remember it was enough to block them.

I’d argue if a politician doesn’t have any sort of clear stance at this point, fuck 'em. We have 18 choices this round and we’re actually on the edge of the apocalypse. If you don’t have your shit together by now and at least have a basic idea of what you stand for, you’re just in the way.


Beto’s position is “standing on a counter in a coffeeshop.”

What’s that all about?


Bernie Sanders Just Hired His Twitter Attack Dog

David Sirota had been working unofficially for Sanders while savaging the other Democratic candidates on Twitter.


There was such a reaction on Twitter (and I guess publications!) that this was some kind of “gotcha!” against Bernie but I cannot wrap my head around why outside of the fact that a certain cohort just really do not like him. Isn’t this kind of thing pretty…common campaigning? Am I too pessimistic with my expectations?

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We’re all going to end up having to vote for a centrist dem, aren’t we?

They’re gonna do Bernie dirty again, huh?


As someone who was a huge supporter of Bernie in 2016(Unfortunately i wasn’t able to vote but I did actively campaign for him) I actually didn’t want Bernie to run in 2020. I knew the center left media would do him dirty.

I personally hoped he would back Elizabeth Warren who has strong progressive values, smart laid out policy plans even before she ran but is also has some respect in the center left sphere of things. personally I won’t decide who I want to vote for until after 2 or 3 debates as I believe everyone should at least have some sorta shot(Although I have a couple I know I wont vote for like Biden or the former house member of John Delaney). I think the best way to have progressive/Social Democratic values to hold in America, from my perspective, is through local and state level elections plus primary out any congress people like how AOC did.

I can tell you this right now I can predict we will be voting for a centrist democrat but I rather eat that then have another 4 years of the right wing mess that is our president.


imma be honest i dont think stuff like that is gonna hurt him too much, seems like something for annoying ass libs to gasp at. not saying i think we wont get some worthless idiot like biden but like someone pointing out how blatantly shit dems are isnt gonna make people turn on a candidate liked for not being a blatant piece of shit.


The most interesting candidates are always the ones who have no hope of winning.


Warren seems pretty cool in a lot of ways but I think you need someone like Bernie. The scale of the task that faces any progressive US president is enormous and requires someone who’s believed in this shit and been on the left for decades and remained on the left after the collapse of the USSR and the seemingly permanent victory of capitalism.


Mehdi Hasan from The Intercept just did a really good interview with Pete Buttigieg. Although I am still fully behind Bernie, with Warren a close second, this interview really left me liking Buttigieg a bit more than I did before.

Also, regarding Beto, this tweet sums it up best for me:


Thanks for sharing this. My issue wasn’t so much that he hadn’t staked out clear policies, more that he hadn’t been given a lot of airtime and I was having a hard time finding any reporting on him. It seems like when he has been given airtime (like here) he’s been really straightforward and to the point actually, and that’s been pretty refreshing amid the wash of Beto-isms. Especially with regard to the white nationalism shitshow.

I’m definitely still Bernie first, Warren second, but I didn’t even have a third before this point and now I’d say he’s squarely third. I’m most interested in seeing where those three agree and disagree during debates, and I’ve kind of stopped thinking about everyone else at this point.


here’s some wild shit


Leave it to the DCCC to remind you to that the Democrats are also terrible.


Man someone is scared of the new blood, huh?


The DCCC is gonna entrench centrist power and fucking tank this country even more. This is so frustrating.


Swing and a miss, Bob




Wait. So not even Obama? MCCAIN?


Beto admires McCain’s restraint for running a less racist campaign that Hillary did in that election I reckon


I mean, yeah, tbf. That wasn’t difficult though was it? Didn’t she stay in the race long past it was mathematically possible for her to win because of the possibility that something might happen to Obama? Not to mention the unsubtle suggestions that he was an unqualified black man.