2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates: Do They Have Policies? What Are Their Policies? Let's Find Out!


She did. And it wasn’t even subtle. She said multiple times in debates that the American public didn’t want someone “unqualified” for president.

Beto is a wet fart of a candidate but it says something that by standing for absolutely nothing, he’s still a better candidate than Hillary ever was.

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Why don’t we all just get along with the boot, it’s warm down here! - Democrats


Wow, very cool!


Buttigieg wants to work towards a world where gay people can eat chicken guilt-free.

So he wants to end current meat production practices and work towards lab-grown meat?


As Buttigieg aims to assist the PR arm of a national fast food chain, Warren is over here trying to break up the monopolistic farming corporations.


What if Chick Fil A just tried… not being homophobic? How’s that for a peace deal?


That Warren farming plan is like exactly what my extended family needs/wants. (And honestly the whole home state tbh) Too bad she is cool with lgbtq people and abortion, so she is a tool of satan. People suck.


TW: Deadnaming

I already saw Buttigieg as an idiot for his chick-fi-la nonsense, but now I genuinely hate him as a human being.


I think it was on Twitter someone said that Mayor Pete isn’t really running for president, he is running for a correspondent position at CNN. Which feels like a statement that becomes more true every time I hear him open his mouth

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“Luv 2 support the rights of war criminals rather than the brave soul who leaked evidence of the war crimes” - Mayor Pete


I’m not too well-versed when it comes to the best way to get at corporate wealth, but if there is one person I trust to formulate the best way of doing so, it’s Warren. So, I’ll just say this: fuck them upppppppppppp.


More and more, she’s becoming the candidate that appeals to me the most as a 30-something working adult with over 100,000 in college debt.

And I don’t want to come off as a single issue voter, but she feels like a nice middle point between the more left leaning and normal ass democrats.

Edit: When I say ‘normal,’ I mean centrist.


In the field of candidates right now, she’s been proposing some of the most interesting policies. I think she’s as left (or maybe more?? idk) as Bernie (and obviously that doesn’t = extremely left as heck but within the pool of candidates it’s very significant)


This is slightly off topic but I’ll just say that as a European I will never not be completely flabbergasted that this is a thing that is actually happening and is considered acceptable.


Here’s some more context:

One is a federal loan, and two are bank loans. The bank ones been shifted around to different carriers, all without my permission, and those rates have slowly risen as I’ve made more money annually. I need to consolidate them, but I haven’t gotten around to it. The federal loan told me recently that I only have 5 monthly deferments left, so no matter what excuse I give, economic hardship/loss of job/etc., after those five months I have to pay no matter what.

Loan forgiveness already exists for the federal one, but you either have to teach in the inner city or join the military or whatever…

I am privileged enough to have my family’s support in some of them. So, in reality, I used to owe much higher. When my Dad passed, he stated in his will that he wanted some of the insurance money to pay for at least one of them, but we haven’t worked that out yet.

Part of me wonders if I should wait to see who becomes elected in 2020 before I make any big moves in that regard. But I just know this idea is going to be stripped by the GOP to offer something much lower, or have some kind of catch.

I’m also wondering if that money Warren is offering would be specific to Federal loan debt, or could it apply to banks. You can bet your ass that if she starts getting support, the banks are going to start shifting their ‘student loans’ to a more general sounding name.

“These aren’t student loans. They’re regular loans.” Is the excuse I bet we’re going to see.

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Thanks for the explanation, this is still harrowing.

Aside from gun culture the student loan industry is the one part of American culture I just cannot for the life of me wrap my head around.


I would guess both, because outside of Parent PLUS loans the cap on federal student loan borrowing (i.e. the Stafford loans) for one undergraduate is in the 30,000 range. People with more than that (like me) who would theoretically get up to that 50k number usually have taken private/bank loans or parent loans, or have the majority of their debt from grad school, where that cap doesn’t exist

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