2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates: Do They Have Policies? What Are Their Policies? Let's Find Out!

It’s weird; it feels like such a small pool now, but back in '16 it was really only Sanders and Clinton - O’Malley and that guy who went on some tangent about killing a man (??) were such non-entities by this point that they weren’t mentioned on the news. Here we’ve got, barring the billionaires, Biden, Buttigieg, Bernie, and Warren. With a few stragglers (Yang, Gabbard, doubt we’ll see Booker again but who knows) with enough media attention that they might make it to another debate or two.

4 might feel small compared to what it was earlier this year, but it’s actually a huge number of candidates. In Dec 2015, the Republican primary (which was seen as having too many candidates) was down to four candidates polling over 10%. Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio, according to this graph.

But even then, Trump’s numbers were double his competition. Sure, many pundits were arguing that the rest of the party would eventually coalesce around Cruz or Rubio, but Trump’s momentum carried him through.

For the Democrats, Biden is the clear front runner but he has zero, possibly negative, momentum. According to Politico, he’s the first choice for many people, but the second choice for very few. Warren had a recent surge that leveled out, while Bernie has lost momentum overtime, but is back on the upward swing. Buttigieg is polling under 10% but has momentum, especially because he’s currently leading in Iowa and New Hampshire.

I expect we’ll hear a lot of talk about Bernie needing to drop out to throw his support behind Warren in the coming months.

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I know we shouldn’t give Hillary Clinton the time of day, because that’s exactly what she wants, but how is it possible for just one person to SUCK this much?

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