2020 Music Releases

Catch all topic for music released in the year of our Lord 2020 AD.

New decade, new shit, new bangers. Post about 'em. Turn each other on to that good stuff. Personally found some stuff that already slaps:

RIP Neil Peart

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Hayley Williams released the first song from her solo album and it’s p. neat imo

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I can’t believe the first time they got Adam Gontier to sing this on an album it was the acoustic version, but I’ll take what I can get.

Yet another Alexisonfire single was dropped out of nowhere last week.

Wild to see/hear this band is still going… downloading “.44 Caliber Love Letter” on Kazaa in like 2002-2003 was way more of a formative step in making me who I am than I could ever have realized at the time.


They broke up in 2012. It was only last year that they started to release new tracks again (this is the third song they’ve put out since then). They’re even on tour right now.

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Technically from last year, but just stumbled upon it. Fucking hottest usage of In The Air Tonight I’ve heard in hip-hop.

Hello everyone. My Internet name is ligeti. You may remember me as that stan who wouldn’t shut up about Hop Along a couple years back. Well, that band’s singer, Frances Quinlan – my favorite singer working today – has a new solo album out. It’s very good and you should listen to it!


Its not a release but the my chemical romance tickets were very expensive everywhere so now our best chance to see them is at a festival and I’m not sure how I feel about paying for a whole music festival just to see one band (no one else is announced). But that might actually be cheaper than any of the other shows.

Yooo, my absolute favorite band has released some of their favorite songs in English. It’s a bit clumsy not in their native Finnish, but it still fucking rocks me to my core.

These guys have an incredibly unique and weird sound. Strange melodies and vocals combined with a deep rumbling make for a kind of rock that gets its claws deep in to my skull. While at the same time it just makes me wanna get up and dance wildly!

Please listen to it. I want more people to know about these guys.

They sound like a Finnish version of Electric Six.

Ooooh I’m digging this new Christine and the Queens track

New Nightwish single out:

Can’t really say I dig it. Something about the Floor era seems really off (like the band’s on autopilot or something).

EDIT: I take it back it’s a bop.

Lane 8’s new album is pretty great all the way through. Pretty chill house music that still manages to be driving and upbeat at times and the vocals by POLIÇA are such a great match.

Been very into Carly Rae Jepsen’s Valentines Day bop this week.

Tunisian techno by way of France. This world needs more off kilter dance music.

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Pretty sure 100 gecs is just actively targeting PC Music stans at this point (not complaining)


This is one band I can’t figure out if they’re serious or trolling.

Bc if they’re trolling, this is a masterpiece. If not, music has failed.

So I havent actually seen Birds of Prey yet, but I’ve been listening to the album a bunch, and it’s fantastic- with the significant exception that the cover of Hit Me With Your Best Shot is terrible, because every “dark” “hauntingly beautiful” cover of a pop song is always terrible and I cannot wait until media finally stops doing them.

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I remember some freaking Transformers movie (iirc) had a “hauntingly beautiful” cover of Do You Realize by the Flaming Lips and no song has ever made me angrier.

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