2020 US Presidential Election Thread

I don’t care about this one instance, I care about the repeated bumbling he’s doing even before he’s having to deal with going directly up against Donald’s gish gallop.

I also care that he’s one of multiple 70 year-olds i’m having to choose from. Even though I like two of them a lot.


I understand it’s not an issue for you, I’m just saying that it is an issue generally to the average person. They just spent 3 or 4 minutes talking about his mental state on MSNBC.

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Who can forget the time the Dean Scream pretty much killed a man’s primary momentum? I don’t necessarily care or even find most of these gaffes embarrassing, but who knows which weird noise or misspoken word will catch on with the people.

That said, I think it is bad that our expectations for President inherently disadvantage people with disabilities, immigrants, ‘shrill’ (read: all) women, undoubtedly many members of the LGBT community, and many others whose speech is ineloquent by these standards or whose voices don’t match the Presidential cadence we’re conditioned to expect. Bu that could just be the ‘there shouldn’t be a President’ in me talking. :black_flag:


These sorts of flubs only gain traction in the absence of a defined narrative around a given candidate. The primary narrative Biden has run on has been “hey I’m the Obama VP guy, I’m the most electable, haha please don’t look into my political history” and at this point there’s just nothing else there to the guy.

It’s Sanders’ biggest strength going into the general election: a strong narrative around his campaign that’s been defined through consistent messaging and avoiding the reactionary backpedaling of every other Democratic candidate.


This debate has been one of the worst since we still had 20 people to go through, but damn, I am glad Biden went after Steyer. Dude has had it way too easy.

eta 5:53: The audience just cheered for charter schools? Umm…


Tickets cost close to 2000. There are almost certainly some Bloomby plants, but mostly just rich people doing rich people shit


A few of those cheers and boos were definitely so out of place that I can’t help but be :thinking: about it; also, I don’t think Bloomberg is on the ballot in SC, so it seems peculiar that he has so many supporters there.

But I don’t think it will matter much, so whatever.

Him effectively campaigning in SC by participating in this debate will only hurt Biden’s performance in the primary. Are the voters who supported Biden but wrestled away by Bloomberg’s ad campaign going to go out and vote for Biden anyway? Some will because some of them will show up to vote for Bloomberg only to find he’s not on the ballot and vote for Biden as their second.

I find it very funny that Bloomberg entered the race because he feared Bernie or Warren getting the nomination only to have the effect of pushing more delegates to Bernie.

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I find it very funny that Bloomberg entered the race because he feared Bernie or Warren getting the nomination only to have the effect of pushing more delegates to Bernie.

Really we should be thankful that a billionaire is finally helping out progressive causes.


On one hand it’s frustrating to see the DNC—in pursuit of a shared goal towards stemming the tides of collectivist resentment against the ultra-wealthy and their political enablers—willingly embrace a self-serving, feckless autocrat as a potential front-runner for their party.

On the other hand, everything Bloomberg and his campaign have done, from recycling the same dusty Reagan-era ideology about social welfare systems being bad for the economy, to their transparent ploy of sabotaging most of their own headquarters to spread fear about the “dangerous” leftist populists; all of it has only emboldened that growing wave of working class frustration.

Both he and the DNC have royally own-goaled themselves here.


Every single aspect of Bloomberg’s messaging shows that they have no idea why Sanders or even Trump is so popular. People don’t really care about Bernie Bros or Bloomberg possessing more money than Trump.


Warren sure did throw away all her principles… for fourth place. Never seen someone drift so far to the Center. Obama at least waited a few months while he was in office to throw his constituents under the bus. She now has the biggest Super PAC in the race and they’re refusing to disclose its donors - something she has been outspoken about for YEARS.

I really do feel bad for genuinely progressive Warren supporters at this point. She really did betray their faith in her.


SC is looking good for Biden right now. If he wins, especially big, it could get really close. Interested to see how things go tomorrow / today.

I have enough lingering fondness for Warren to be deeply disappointed in how she’s conducted her affairs for the past six months or so.


My fondness for her has vanished in the past few weeks. The fact she now has her own SuperPAC, something she’s been extremely against for a very long time now and outspoken about, and has been so openly hostile towards the only other progressive candidate tells me all I need to know about her. She wants to win and is willing to sell away her principles to do it.

And that’s a problem the way things are going now. I’m not sure another Obama is going to fix the things we desperately need fixed, or even get us a step in the right direction. Defeating Trump isn’t the end goal, we have to dismantle what he’s created, and Warren is showing signs that she’ll just not do that as long as it benefits her.

This election cycle has me tired :expressionless:


There have been surprises at every primary this cycle, I’m not assuming anything anymore.

Earlier this week I posted about how I was excited to start phone banking for Bernie. I’ve been doing it for a few days now, currently calling folks in South Carolina, and just wanted to encourage folks who having been feeling helpless/powerless/extremely apathetic to consider giving it a shot (for any candidate (I mean, it would be cool if you did it for Bernie but you do you)). I’ll admit that calling folks can feel incredibly daunting even with a script to follow but it gets easier as you go along and it is genuinely rewarding to talk to all different sorts of people who are also excited. Thus far, the worst it has been has involved being called a “fucking communist” or being told the constitution will not allow socialism which, honestly, was definitely more surprising and funny than unpleasant.

Edit: gotta share this article with y’all.


Early results so far, but the first two places are as expected. But I must admit I’m a little surprised to see Steyer taking a steady third. Perhaps that will change as more results come in, but it’s strange to consider that people might like Steyer much.

He spent the GDP of a small country on ads in South Carolina. And his ads…aren’t bad? I don’t find them particularly compelling, but if you don’t know that

  1. Steyer has virtually zero relevant experience
  2. he’s a billionaire who spent his way to relevance, and
  3. term limits are a bad idea, then

he has a decent case.

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There’s definitely a ceiling to it but unlimited spending gets you votes.

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