2020 US Presidential Election Thread

Bernie’s goin off

Good for him

EDIT: Oh my Lord, the comments on this thing that are like “That’s not very presidential”, what plane of reality are these people fucking on?


Our government has overthrown legitimately elected socialist presidents over far less. This entire election has been a farce and whatever little respect I had for electoral politics pretty much evaporated. That sort of thing is unacceptable.

The Republicans are turning into the National Socialist party before our very eyes (they’re offering better economic relief than the democrats) and the democrats are so uselessly caught up in means-tested policy that they don’t know what to do. Worthless.


Found this piece to be a comforting, albeit grim, read:


The Republicans using this crisis to slip into right populism is a particularly dangerous step down the road to fascism, and the fact that the Democrats are just going to let it happen is predictable but infuriating.


Bernie out here making headlines, holding roundtables, elaborating on covid plans

For real tho, where is Biden? Did he catch it or something?

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Any public appearance without extensive planning and scripting is a potential risk of him saying something beyond the pale and blowing up the primary (what’s left of it anyway).

The current thing that’s getting on my nerves: any post on Sanders’ social feeds about pushing to grant financial relief to the countless people unable to work or just out of a job due to COVID-19, has at least a few dozen militant Biden supporters aggressively demanding him to drop out of the race. It speaks to a desire to put politics back into the bottle of something totally indistinguishable to most regular people, during a crisis time when the bad politics of the US can no longer be ignored.


So is Joe Biden hiding away because his tangle of wealthy backers effectively paralyzes any chance at real leadership? Or is that definitely what’s happening?

His campaign could have made a statement about how he’s self-isolating to generate sympathy, or they could just lie and say he’ll adopt Bernie’s policies, because it’s been established that it doesn’t matter when he does it. Something like that probably would have won him the presidency a few days ago, BUT GRIDLOCK IT IS, I GUESS!

It’s sure interesting these past weeks to see that the least flexible and most utterly useless people in Washington have turned out to actually be the Liberals. Republicans at least have the philosophical motivation to make an effort. Liberals don’t.

Biden can’t do anything because his entire world view is based on the assumption that “oh, everything is fine, it’s cool brah. America - Trump = Great Again.” This is a preview of his presidency, where his ambition seems to be to sit in a chair for four years and take a nap.


I think that although the Biden campaign probably does have a digital strategist, his campaign was wholly unprepared (and not nearly nimble enough) to adapt to a primarily digital strategy. They did dispatch Ron Klain (who ran Obama’s Ebola response and is generally known to Know What He’s Talking About) to explain Covid and all that.

As to Biden’s silence on the domestic side of things, even the most generous guess at his intentions here seems like a dire misread of the politics of the moment.


People voting for him are voting for a return to normalcy that’s no longer possible. Some laugh though.

So the Republican bill for Corona-related relief was voted down in the Senate by the Democrats all voting against (Sanders didn’t vote, neither did a handful of Republicans). It would have provided a one-time, means-tested (in the negative sense, meaning people with less income would get less) check of $1200, while providing a cushy bail-out for businesses with few demands to spend the money on actual employees. Unemployment insurance guarantees were also, naturally, weak-tea. It’s a bad deal, and every Democratic Senator voted against it, because every Democratic Senator is preferable to every Republican Senator (even if they aren’t always great). I don’t think I’ll be happy with what they finally have to vote for, because the Democrats are still a minority. I probably wouldn’t be happy with what a Democratic majority would vote for, but certainly happier.

Presidents can do lots of things, but laws are still made in Congress, so remember to also vote for more left-wing candidates in safe districts in the remaining primaries! 435 seats in the House are up for election, 35 seats in the Senate.


I know we’re not supposed to post a tweet then snark but it’s Joe Biden.

Been hidden away for a week and this is what we get. I don’t think we’re going to see him again for another few weeks.

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last i checked the Booker plan in the Senate was the best option, doens’t have means-testing, and has recurring checks going out for the duration of this crisis.

the bill they just voted down would have given me, if I’m lucky, 650$ and frankly I’m not interested. because they are going to pass one, and then pat themselves on the back and go back to jerking off corporations. I know everyone’s upset, but that bill was bad, and I need more help than that if I’m going to survive this. I’m already losing my mind. I didn’t ask to be “essential staff” and this is dire, and the morale of my store is through the floor.


In case there was any doubt what people living in other countries think.

(I voted in this one! I literally just had to email a PDF of my ballot, and that should probably be considered within the country as the pandemic continues.)


This is an unaired Dr. Steve Brule skit and you can’t convince me otherwise


This and the online vid where he just walks off screen reminds me of when the leading UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) figure for Scotland, David Coburn (former Member for the European Parliament), wasn’t invited to a Scottish leaders debate so Periscoped himself watching the debate. People decided just to troll his feed repeatedly saying they couldn’t hear or see him leading to him needlessly shouting and standing off-camera for the duration of the debate. The difference is that he was a nonentity in a tiny subject country and this man wants to be the leader of the Free World.

Just a quick update on my previous stance given recent news:

I also refuse to vote for a rapist.

Write in Bernie in the general.


It has been staggering to see Biden propagandists dismiss these claims as “Russian meddling”, or utilizing the same talking points they likely decried during the Kavanaugh hearing. Like, full staring into the void type of shit.

I figured it would be easier to just acknowledge that their guy sucks and maybe consider rescinding their support, but I guess they all decided to go completely off the fucking deep end instead.

To me, the choice now seems obvious. Either get fully behind Bernie immediately and try to salvage this mess, or stay the course and watch the entire Trump war machine, as well as the mainstream media, eviscerate Joe.


They’re surely doing everything behind the scenes to get literally anyone else* to be the Dem nominee come November?

*That isn’t Bernie obvs

This really sucks, I really wish one of the many, many candidates in the Democratic Primary field that were far better than him would have gotten more traction instead of him.
Were I American, and Biden becomes the Democratic nominee, I’d still vote for him, even though it sucks. Because the current rapist fascist in the White House whose only purpose is enriching himself and (sometimes) his cronies, while vindictively stopping aid to states that didn’t vote for him and tearing down any and all regulation for companies, is even worse.

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