2022 Game Delays

I’m expecting this won’t be the last game delay announced this year, so I figure we may as well have a clearinghouse for them. Redfall and Starfield have been delayed to “the first half of 2023,” whatever that’s going to mean.


My first thought is that Xbox is gonna have a brutally empty holiday, outside of maybe Forza 8. But then, I’m not sure if Sony or Nintendo have anything to offer as counter-programming, either. I guess we’re gonna have to play Gotham Knights as a consolation, which based on the latest video is very cold comfort.

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Nintendo has their new generation of Pokemon, theoretically, and then there’s that Forspoken game. I usually reserve judgment on the fall lineup until after the Summer of Games because there’s an avalanche of announcements incoming, but I’ve noticed during Covid particularly that March is the new November.


I’m not surprised about these delays at all.

I was looking forward to hearing more about Starfield this summer during whatever Xbox-direct type event they have planned. Do you feel like they’ll push back promotion as well? I feel like they’ve said so little about it.

That’s a very good question. I feel like they have to show something at this point, but Bethesda’s house style of “we’re going to let Todd Howard do his thing for a half hour” demo doesn’t seem like the way you’d want to go just yet if the game’s not coming out until next year. I could see them maybe putting together a little something and saving the big Todd Howard-a-thon until next spring.

Nintendo has delayed Breath of the Wild 2 as well (and we still have no idea what’s happening with Metroid Prime 4) but there should be a fair amount happening for Switch later this year between the new Pokemon generation, Splatoon 3, the new Mario + Rabbids, Bayonetta 3, Xenoblade 3 etc.

I would love to play Bayonetta 3 this year but I have no earthly idea how that game’s going to run on 2017 hardware.

I still see vague rumors that FFXVI will get a huge reveal soon and be a 2022 game and considering the status of the overall industry, that seems hilariously optimistic right now.

Somebody will definitely demo that game this year but that’s no more a 2022 game than Starfield is.

My response to this is of course they’re delaying but they got the year wrong – the idea that starfield is coming out in 23 stil seems like a stretch, seems like end of q1 24 is destined

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This feels right in a way that bums me out. Sometime next April we get another tweet press release like this one that basically says “We need a little more time to bring you the best experience we possibly can” that pushes it to “Fall 2023” and then in September they say “Actually March 15, 2024”

Exactly. That game isn’t seeing the light of day anytime soon.

On a related note, I’m amazed anybody is surprised by this news. We hadn’t heard anything about these games up until this point and Microsoft weren’t posturing like they had anything to show.

The fallout(!) from COVID will push this entire generation out by 2 years at the absolute minimum.