25 Years Later, 'Star Wars: Dark Forces' Is a Forgotten Gem

A worrying amount of credit and blame for the course of my life probably goes to 1995’s Dark Forces. It’s the first of the series of shooters that LucasArts made, and it’s probably the one people talk about least. Jedi Knight, which came out a couple years later, was an instant classic, and in its wake the rest of the series grew less-and-less interested in being a shooter and instead focused the action on lightsabers and Jedi powers. Dark Forces, which could be and often was reduced to “Star Wars Doom”, shrank in comparison to its more popular and respected successors.

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Hot Take:

Let the Hitman devs do a Dark Forces remake. I think Kyle Katarn is a null character now, but perhaps they could throw Kallus and his boyfriend in the game. He’s pretty ‘Rebel Agent’-like.


Also, is there a database of old PC games magazine scans? I see Rob linked one… I’ve been looking desperately to find PC Gamer’s review of The Sims 1, because I distinctly remember reading it as a kid, and being disappointed in how the reviewer stated that the Sims has basically ruined his life, which I interpreted as that he hated it. My Dad had to explain to me that he in fact loved it.

I’d like to reread that review again… It was like a foundational moment for me when I realized reviews could be written in comical ways.



Dark side? He’s been there?

Although technically he hadn’t yet started down his jedi path yet. Where you could turn to the dark side.

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I don’t remember the first one that much, but level in the sequel where the ship you’re on has tilted over on its side was pretty darned mindblowing for its day.

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I played the hell out of Dark Forces as a kid. There was a map that was full of enemies that either threw thermal detonators from range or tried to punch you up close. I used to get into fist fights with them and found it really entertaining (probably due to the sound design and animations)

The weapons were really good. Timed grenades, proxy mines, the concussion rifle that exploded underneath enemies. I’m not a massive Star Wars fan but I really enjoyed Dark Forces.

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