2D Minecraft: A Terraria Thread

So some how we don’t have a Terraria thread? Time to fix that.

If you haven’t heard of Terraria it is a side scrolling mining, building, adventuring game very much like Minecraft but with a heavier focus on loot and fighting bosses.

It’s also available on everything from PC and Switch to the PS Vita and Windows Phones(!?).

Why am I finally making this post? Because today dropped the “Journeys End” update. This update among other things added what they are calling Journey mode and official mod support. Changelog here which is apparently over 40 pages long but is not viewable right now because of too much traffic.

Journey mode from what I have gathered is odd in that it is like a free build mode but you first must research an item by obtaining X amount of them and then you can just infinitely spawn them. In addition you can control weather, time of day, and monster spawn rates/max on screen.

I haven’t played in a lonnnng time (I never fully did all the post wall of flesh content) and am looking forward to getting back into the game. This was definitely my chill podcast game in college and it seems like the kind of thing I could go for right now. Until I plummet to my death because a skeleton knocked me into a chasm and I panic about losing all my loot.

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It also adds golf to the game.

I regret picking a medium character and an Expert world.

I spent at least 2 hours just trying to recover gear after an accidental death deep underground. Which of course happened before I had a bed so I kept respawning in the middle of nowhere at night where I was slaughtered by zombies and eye balls again and again until enough grave stones littered spawn turning it into a graveyard spawning really strong ghosts with 100+hp.

I don’t want to spoil too much but some of the new traps you can run into underground are real nasty :cry:

I think I’ll reroll the world to be easier but keep medium core. It’s rage inducing to lose gear deep underground but at the same time I like having consequences and risk.

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