3DS games for a never ending plane flight


Hi All,

I have the following travel booked in a few days:
13hr flight -> 6hr flight -> 1 hr flight -> 3 hr drive

I’m going to bring my 3DS along for all of this and the return travel as well, but I’m not sure which would be a better game. I already own all 4 of these games (still in their shrink wrap), but I don’t really want to swap around carts if at all possible.

  • Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater
  • Bravely Default
  • Bravely Second
  • Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask

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I’ve only tried to play MGS 3 before once on the Vita, but I never got past the opening swamp. I’ve played Majora’s Mask before but that was back when it came out on the N64. As for the Bravely games, I thought they’d be fun, but now I don’t know if I have to play the first one or not.

Thanks for all/any input!


Despite Majora’s Mask winning, I’d suggest against it or bringing something else to play or do. With that amount of flying and driving, you’ll be done it before you’re at your destination.


Yeah I love Majora’s Mask, but if you only want one game to last you that whole time Bravely Default is your best bet. That game is long.


Ah-ha! Trick question! The real answer is Pocket Card Jockey. :grin:

But I suppose Bravely Default is okay too.


Of the ones you listed, I’d say probably Bravely Default.

But let me hit you with THIS idea: Picross 3D Round 2