3DS/Switch games with good online multiplayer


I’m interested in 3DS/Switch games with online multiplayer. I’m going to get a Switch fairly soon and have already scoped out Mario Kart, Pokken, and Splatoon 2 as good options. On 3DS, I enjoy Pokemon’s multiplayer as well as Mario Kart 7 on occasion.

Are there any announced Switch games that seem good for it that I’ve missed, or any 3DS games where the online scene is particularly good? Ideally I’d like to find games where it would be possible to play with a small group of friends. I know the 3DS/Switch aren’t the best for that sort of game but they’re all I’ve got.

I like competitive games but am really interested in cooperative multiplayer specifically.


Puyo Puyo Tetris has a pretty good online scene I’ve heard.


Ultra Street Fighter Twactually no, don’t.

Yea I’m looking at the release schedule but I dunno if I see anything online coop.


Yeah, my impression was that the offerings were really limited, just wanted to see if there was anything I missed. I have Smash on the 3DS as well but the online tends to lag horribly.


if you like monster hunting, the multiplayer in generations is quite good.


I came into to just say there are a ton of people still playing Monster Hunter and it’s still absolutely worth it + 400 pieces of free dlc content.


Monster Hunter is a good shout on 3DS. Generations is a bit obtuse for newcomers compared to 4, but it’s what everyone is playing. I’ve been meaning to make a Monster Hunter thread here since XX was confirmed for localisation, might do that once E3’s over and I can sleep again.

Also, ARMS is real close. I’m 100% getting that on launch if any youse wanty get battered.


Glad to know there are people still playing, I tried MH3U when it came out and bounced off, but that was before I had a circle pad pro. I might not get it bc Switch + games are gonna be a major expense, but I’m glad to hear it’s still active.