4:20 concerns, please help


If you start taking a hit at 4:20 PM, but exhale at 4:21 PM, does it still count?

  • It’s fine, (gender-neutral-term-of-endearment) dude
  • No, and I’m calling the cops

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I’m the cops and you’re 100% good, keep it up


So long as you only do it once a year to test it’s strength.


If i take a hit in Colorado, and kiss someone over the state line of kansas, and inhale into them, has one of us broken a law?


No, but I think you should really try not to make this mistake repeatedly. :wink:


It depends, Kansas has crazy-awful antiquated laws about who you are allowed to kiss.


i’m gonna say it counts because I always end up doing this :’(


I’m the cops and you are not good, dm me your address for instructions on how to rectify this situation. Call and ask for officer Sprite Pepsi

xoxo gossip girl


more like, inhale at 4:20 PM and exhale at 4:20… AM
:four_leaf_clover: aw :four_leaf_clover: hell :four_leaf_clover: yeah :four_leaf_clover:


I’m the last two cops combined into one multicop. Help. god. hlep


kissing is illegal


If you exhale at 4:21 you’re a fucking narc.