4 days ago Tencent bought a big ol portion of Bluehole so they now own PUBG

For y’all not in the know, Tencent now owns
Riot Games
Half of Hirez
Blade & Soul
Monhun Online
Warface and like 400 other games.

Given that the other games in that portfolio have remained relatively on the positive side for their respective fans, hopefully it won’t mean the game going downhill. I always was scared of those kind of big conglomerate companies taking over this stuff, but Tencent seem keen to just let these games do their thing and take their money haha.

So someone finally got stinkin rich off of Battlegrounds. Deserved I guess. What was the owner structure at Bluehole?

Is there like, a source on this? all I can dig up is that they have invested an undisclosed amount in Bluehole but no specific implication that it’s a controlling share. With Gamasutra reporting from Yicai Global that Tencent had initially hoped to acquire Blueholeoutright but were rejected.

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They let Riot do things like create an entire 2nd internet and make a LoL card game and then not release it. Tencent has money to burn, I hope PUBG gets to burn at least some of it.

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An update/correction: According to Gamasutra today, Tencent was looking to acquire Bluehole in its entirety, but Bluehole did not agree to the deal and so Tencent ended up only investing (probably a lot) in Bluehole.


Bluehole is now denying tencent has invested in their business at all. This is getting wacky.