420 Lifestyle blazit

Hey ya’ll. Figured I’d create a thread to discuss all things kushy in life. What are your favorite types of strains? Favorite times/settings to smoke? Games you especially enjoy after a smoke session?

Also, Bump While High.

Weed and I have a very fraught relationship, as I use it to ease anxiety and chronic illness symptoms, really enjoy it, start using it every day, then realize that I’m using it to avoid actually working on my anxiety, so I quit for a long time and then “discover” it again two weeks later, have an incredible time, and the whole thing starts over again.

But also ♫smoke weed every day♪

hi everyone!

while we’re not against weed talk, we’re trying to steer clear of threads about drug use in order to avoid threads about different kinds of drug use, stuff that could be perceived as encouragement, etc. totally fine with talk about it in topics if the subject calls for it but going to close this as to not encourage drug threads in general! thanks!