A Baking Mistake So Bad It Becomes a Supernatural Object of Power

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, you fail. This week, Rob has the misfortune of sharing with us the sad tale of the Krummetses. A humble bread/pastry (breastry? Pastread?) born of misunderstandings and faulty equipment. Luckily, Patrick has had a little more luck with The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, one of the weirder 2D Zelda games, finally dropping on Switch this week. Austin and Cado have been playing (surprise surprise) two new roguelike deckbuilders, Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale and Signs of the Sojourner, and Rob is still finding new surprises in Control. You can read an excerpt and listen to the full episode below.

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Those krummetses honestly look better than a lot of my baking disasters.


I’ve definitely also made worse things than that. But DAMN that picture is funny. Poor Rob, being denied his English muffins. The discussion about it did make me look up the Bon Appetit video he was talking about so I can try to make them too tho.

And probably mess up just as bad!


Countdown to the Nendoroid movie begins now…

Did the football discussion get cut or did I miss something? >.>

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I didn’t hear any football as well.

I miss it. It’s my Shift+F1 of football: the podcast I listen to where it’s my only exposure to the subject.

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As soon as I heard Rob talkng about making english muffins from scratch, I knew he had gone full Saffitz. Never go full Saffitz.

I’ve watched the exact same video and I knew I’d never be able to pull it off the second she starts folding that dough on the counter and not a single speck of it sticks to the surface and it isn’t greased or dusted with flour at all. Maybe the BA test kitchen has the most miraculous counters known to man, but if I tried that shit at home I’d have a huge glob that I’d have to spend an hour scraping off just to get vaguely clean again.


Could something like that be prevented by spraying it with margerine or some such?

Possibly, but it could also slightly affect the texture of the overall thing by absorbing more fat or make it harder for the cornmeal to stick.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m just saying as a pastry chef with years of experience she makes things look 1000x simpler than they’re going to be for me at home.

Krummets are canon:


Free idea for Remedy:


Holy shit Remedy are the best.


Not that I think that all this happened due to me…but shortly before Remedy tweeted out their Rob tweet, I retweeted the audio log mash-up to Control’s Twitter account.

I’m more worried that I may now need to be sent to the Synchronicity lab…


This is all really the best way this could have gone.

Except for tempering chocolate.


No, she makes that look easier too. That’s just how hard it is!


Between the endless giggling and talking about what they are looking at, I sometimes wonder why I bother listening to this podcast. The fact that someone went to the trouble to type out a transcript of that part and post a picture – but only on the site and not a link in the show notes. grrrrr… - shows that someone must like it.

Could the forum post for podcast episodes please get the same title as the podcast episode?



Probably not, it’s just pulling from the vice site and the vice articles all have different names because calling it waypoint radio episode X is a traffic killer.


The reaction to Patrick mentioning headphones was very funny but also weird. My van doesn’t have a working radio or tape deck, so I listen to earbuds while driving all the time. It’s not remotely dangerous. You can still hear honking and sirens just fine, and there’s nothing else you need. Modern cars are becoming more and more soundproofed anyway.

Also it’s been a minute since I’ve had an english muffin and damn if I don’t want some real bad now.

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