A Brief Lament for the Witcher Game That Never Came to Consoles


We’ve all got them—games on other systems that we’ll never play on ours. And the consoles-ducking ‘The Witcher’ is foremost amongst mine.

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Are you typing this on a smartphone, then?


For me, the big one right now, at least in terms of PC games that aren’t on console, is The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd. I haven’t even played the first two games yet, and I know the third one isn’t exactly essential, but it still bothers me deeply in my soul, especially knowing that there is a Vita version out there that just hasn’t been released in the US. Other than that, I’m more fixated on PS4 games that aren’t available on other platforms, since the PS4 is the only current console that I don’t have. Go figure. The big one in that regard is Persona 5, but I’m hopeful that someday we’ll get Persona 5 Crimson for the Switch. Hey, a guy can dream.


If you have any PC at all these days you can run The Witcher. Sounds more like refusal to play it, for whatever reason that may be.


The game I’m missing the most is SMT#FE Tokyo Mirage Sessions. I nearly bought a Wii U just for it around the time they announced they were stopping production of the WiiU. But they were also reveling the Switch shortly after that, and I wanted to wait to see if backwards compatibility would be an option. Now I’m waiting for a potential remake or port instead.

You don’t need a good PC to play The Witcher. I played it on a laptop that cost less than my PS4, and it’s a 5 year old laptop at this point. Plus, when The Witcher goes on sale it’s usually under $2. I wish it hadn’t spoiled the end of The Witcher Saga with one of the stories an innkeeper tells you. I’m only just starting the final novel now.


No. I have a Mac for work. A Mac loaded with work stuff, and no room for games. I do not have a PC due to expense and space. As the article says. “Any PC” = still prohibitively expensive.


Dunno about you guys, but I can’t for the life of me get my Steam copy of The Witcher to not crash every 5 seconds. My understanding is that it’s a fairly common issue with running the game on modern versions of Windows and fixes can be hit or miss (and annoying to do regardless of the outcome).


But, if I’m not mistaken, MacBooks from 2012 and up can run “The Witcher”. You can borrow pretty old Windows laptop/notebook for a week from a friend or a colleague. I can see VR as a hard problem to solve (money, space, more money). I can get if you prefer playing with a gamepad on a big screen (ahem). But, in the end, instead of solving relatively easily solvable problem for work, you writing how you can’t solve that problem. For work.

Sorry, I feel like I unfairly stuck at that point, but, well, I stuck at that point and article doesn’t work for me because of that. You like stereotypes on Waypoint, and one of them says, that men will immediately go to “I will fix it” mindset. Well, in that case, I’m that stereotype :slight_smile:


I mean, this really comes down to your priorities and where you want to invest, and it’s an inevitable problem unless you’re willing to splurge on owning one of every platform. I get the sentiment; I’ve always got an affordable PC on hand for work and other projects (contrary to what some PC gamers will loudly tell you, you can game perfectly fine on a mid-range laptop unless you need max-settings graphics to live), but I don’t have much space at home and am not interested in shelling out a bunch of money for a console/TV setup and console games, so I can’t play stuff that seems interesting to me, like Journey or Horizon: Zero Dawn.

It’s a shame, but these are the compromises we make when deciding what hardware to use.


There are a lot of complications surrounding the Vita versions of those games coming out here. I totally get the frustration because I’d also prefer to play them on handhelds like I did with the first Sky and both Cold Steel games. It’s just an unfortunate situation of money and the place the series has in the West. XSEED said multiple times that the PC is the only place 3rd could have come out on, otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten it at all.


Honestly going back isn’t worth it - my mid-2011 MacBook Pro runs it just fine on the minimum settings, but the time running the environments from quest to quest is interminable and the writing is worlds worse than the two sequels. Just read the books for your pre-Witcher 3 cravings! They’re so good and make the Ciri storyline way more impactful IMO.


I remember this was the first game i often googled just to know what had happened to those rumors. Eventually i bought and played the game on PC, though it took me a long time to have a computer able to run it.

Coincidentally, my brother who is very unaccustomed to playing games with keyboard and mouse recently asked me to install this game on his computer, but could not handle the controls. He is a massive TW3 fan and it’s disheartening to know that he will hardly ever give it another chance. Left me wishing the game had released on console just for his sake.


I mean, I have a work Mac as well - occasionally I use it for don’t talk or nobody explodes (keep talking and nobody explodes, i dun fucked up the name so good i can’t bring myself to delete it) cos it’s more portable than my desktop - all I do is install the steam client with no games (if you’re running out of space here there is a bigger problem than being loaded with work stuff) and install smaller/lighter games like that (and Witcher would be fine) to a usb stick (I just use a bog standard one I had knocking around that cost less than 15 euros or so) I just pop in and launch steam - no fuss, total separation from work except for maybe steam showing up on spotlight search when I search “st”.

Would that work? Witcher is good fun and worth the minor hassle of popping in a USB stick, load times are pretty snappy even considering. Opens up the whole world of weird early 2000s crpgs, there’s some good stuff in there.


This was such a shame because it was still kinda sorta on track to come out on consoles for a while. I actually played a very rough 360 build of it at a conference in August 2009 but even there I recall the Atari folks not being confident about it coming out any time soon. That must have been super frustrating because it got cancelled like a few weeks before but I guess for reasons Atari had to keep up appearances or something, I remember GameStop was still taking pre-orders on it a little after so maybe they thought if enough people were interested they’d keep going, there were still marketing materials and stuff for it that had been made in advance getting shipped out. To the point where I was genuinely surprised it didn’t resurface when the Witcher 2 port was getting made.


I’m glad to see I’m not the only one this article riled up. Most people would find a way to play it instead of writing a 500 word article about how badly want to play a game.


I mean… most people can relate to the point of the article, which is games that you missed out on because they never got ported to platforms that were available to you. Nitpicking over the honesty/accuracy of exactly how unavailable a PC is to the author is kind of missing the forest for the trees.


Oh I get that. I’m not, like, mad about it or whatever. It’s just a pain because I don’t have a PC and have no desire to ever own a PC. But there are plenty of other games to play. I just think about that one a lot, which is weird, because I haven’t even played the first two games yet.