A Brief Lament for the Witcher Game That Never Came to Consoles


So did StarCraft on the N64. Looks like our necromancer is 0 for 3. :slight_smile:


Until the recent Waypoint retrospective (and discussion of Rockstar labor practices), I’d been pining for Red Dead Redemption never making it to PC.


Morrowind for the Xbox was my first exposure to Elder Scrolls. Lemme tell you, playing a Bethesda game without patches was wild.


It did and it was the first game I can remember where I found loading times unbearable. I had been in some sort of loading ignoring zen state as a child until it broke me.


Always bad when a necromancer…

…fails to rise up. :sunglasses:


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Ooh. Good eye. Is this why other threads hace popped up that are old with no new posts?