A Bunch of Dicks Ruined This Wonderfully Creepy Indie Game

Indie mystery 'Moirai' is no longer playable, and that is very sad.

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It’s really sad to hear that the game has, effectively, been shuttered because of the actions of a few malicious users. It’s a shame that the developers weren’t able to make a little money from their work on the game as well, although I’m sure they were only it for the pleasure of it.

What a sad thing. My first playthrough was ruined by someone who answered “penis” to every question. At first I thought it was supposed it was some weird joke, but of course that was not the case. Still, the experience was very cool and I made my best to write down interesting answers when it was my turn.

I was going to ask what was even done that ruined the game but your comment helps explain what happened. I wish the article had mentioned, even vaguely how it was ruined, though.

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The hyper-linked Steam page describes it as an attack on the server, but the actual details are pretty murky. I wonder if someone found an exploit to flood the server with garbage answers or something?

Man, this was a super cool quirky little experiment. My playthrough had someone who typed broken English on the other end, so it turned out to be an afternoon of thought around cult behavior, exclusion of foreign people & ideas, and treatment of the misunderstood (particularly made me think of The Green Mile.) it’s such a shame it was basically destroyed most likely by people who weren’t even deliberately being malicious, but probably by people who thought it would be funny.

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Ahh huh ok. I assumed from context that it was just people giving bad answers and making the game less fun but it sounds like perhaps it was more than that. Regardless, its a bummer this is no longer going though… I wish I had experienced it.

It’s a shame, it was a really neat thing. I’m glad I played it sight unseen. I actually don’t remember what the exact answers the person before me gave, but they weren’t particularly good. Nevertheless, it’s such a clever concept. Definitely required some willing participation on the part of the players, though.