A Calming/Self Care Thread

Hey y’all. Maybe you’ve had a rough night or morning, maybe you’re settling into a nice long weekend or getting ready for bed and would like to just relax for a bit. Here’s a good place to do just that. What do you like?

Cute animals?

Slow TV?

Chill af music streams?

Whatever it is, I’d like this to be a place for you to find it. Post your favorite relaxation-related media. I didn’t include ASMR in here because I know almost nothing about it, but I’m sure it helps some people.

Have any tips or techniques for sleep/meditation/stress relief? Post them below!


I have a few video games that are my go-to for this purpose, games that I am very familiar with, games that present me with no surprises – I just lock in and zone out.

For me, personally, they’re Rollerball and Marble Madness for the NES… I wouldn’t dare recommend them for people who aren’t fans, but I do recommend making sure you have some video games that, very specifically, make you feel relaxed and at peace.

My go to is watching this perfect game of Snake gif. It is some mix of meditative and hypnotizing, and it really helps me calm down and concentrate http://static2.businessinsider.com/image/51647cb1eab8ea9d4c00000c/snake.gif

Funny thing, lately I’ve been just turning on the Nier: Automata soundtrack when I’ve been stressed out and depressed. The game is the OPPOSITE of what I want to feel in those moods, but the soundtrack is gorgeous and takes me away to a completely different place than what I felt while playing. The Robot Village theme instantly chills me out and refreshes me. Link: https://youtu.be/o1lpWdU3GX0

I’ve been meditating for about a year now, and I highly recommend it. It helps me to be more calm and to take life’s challenges in stride rather than dwelling on them. If anyone is interested in meditation but you don’t know how to get started, I recommend:

10% Happier, a book with a companion app and web video series. This was my first introduction to meditating and what convinced me it could be good for me.

Headspace, an app that does guided meditation sessions along with goals you can track and video/audio explanations for the different aspects of meditation and some of the challenges you may run into.

Hopefully you guys find this helpful.


this thread is a great idea!

when it comes to self care, minecraft is definitely something that takes me out of my busy headspace and chills me out. that entire ost too, i love volume alpha.

laying in bed watching the clouds does a lot for me too


I backed fidget cube a while back and got it in December since I was in on that with the first batch of orders. Good shit for studying and working at desks especially.

For general anxiety I am pretty good at forcing myself into a deep breath and focusing on somehing, often a very gentle tap on the back of my left hand with my right forefinger, or pinching my right forefinger and thumb together very gentle

I wish I could just link to the entire 2015 season of the Great British Bakeoff, because that is what I watch when I need to re-energize.

I’ve been cherry-picking the lo-fi study mix in the OP for the best of the best, and made this playlist.

I would not have made it through the production of 2064: Read Only Memories if I did not have the full album stream of Nujabes’ “Spiritual State”. Quite often, having to interact with, direct and order around voice actors had my anxiety at exhausting peaks, and I would have to listen to this while doing it. I’ve probably heard this album over 200 times.


I got a fidget cube as a gift and I loved it so much. Too much, clearly. I broke the joystick disc. :frowning: I realized you could make it click by pulling up on it and then did that until it popped off. It went back on fine but the disc broke from the slot shortly thereafter.

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I deal with anxiety pretty regularly, and it’d seem a bit off to rely on steel drums to help you come down but joke’s on me and the entire world: piano and steel drum are potentially the most calming sonic combination on earth.

The artist name here is Utsukushiki Hikari, she has one album out of the same name. She’s also in a band called “The Natsuyasumi Band”, which is similarly sweet, but more upbeat and fun.

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I dig that music stream, thanks.

I started doing yoga a little over a month ago. I work out several times a week but find yoga to be really hard and requires me to to focus completely and in different ways. I’ve started to really look forward to the challenge and then the very relaxed, peaceful way it finishes. I think it’s really good for me, so far.

My thing for sleep problems is needing to exhaust and distract myself, so I stop thinking about whatever’s on my mind and will finally just zonk out. Reading’s good, but I don’t always want to read. Games are also good, but the whole blue light thing from my TV/PS4 essentially undoes that (speaking of: if anyone knows how to combat this in a ‘Flux’-esque manner on a PS4… please hit me up), I found a really cute/soothing mobile game last night though called Stellar Fox. Adorable design, soothing music, and challenging enough that I need to concentrate but don’t end up aggravating myself at not being able to proceed through the levels.

i really like this! it reminds me of another artist i listen to that helps calms me down when i’m trying to sleep, Ai Aso. she has a very soft voice and the albums i’ve found of her are usually live recordings of her playing guitar.

semi-related, i like to listen to rei harakami as well. my favorite album of his is Colors of the Dark, which i think he did for an aquarium? it’s really soothing.

I’m a big fan of white noise generators. My favorite site for it is MyNoise. I took a nap to the rain noise one this morning while i imagined i was in a cabin in the woods. Cafe Restaurant is also one i put on for when i just need some sound in my ears and i have nothing else atm.

in all likelihood your favorite spaceship will be in this playlist

Ambient Scifi Sleep Sounds Playlist
237 videos Last updated on Mar 15, 2017
Do you love pretending you are in space on your favorite star ship? Well, you have come to the right place. This is the ambient space sounds playlist where you can find all of the best long ambient space sounds in one place.

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I like cooking. The mechanical chopping of veggies, all the wonderful scents, etc. are super soothing.

I keep thinking about starting a “You matter and should stick around” thread for people who are dealing with suicidal ideation and such, but I dunno if it would just come across as presumptuous and unnecessary? Either way, this thread seems like it could help too.

I find this channel oddly relaxing:

She basically makes drawings out of midi compositions and the tunes themselves are cool and chillaxing.

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