A community that plays together, stays together! What's your PSN, XBL, Steam name?


A community that plays together, stays together! List your PSN, XBL, Nintendo Friend Codes & Steam user names as well as any social media account and maybe a little about yourself.

Feel free to add me on any of the following platforms.

Web/Graphic Designer | Video Game Player | Pizza Enthusiasts
I’m @TalonJH on Twitter

PSN: Roxous
XBL: TalonJH
Steam: TalonJH


Computer Engineering Student | Card Game Junkie | Very Tired
On Twitter I’m @chaunceymeade.

PSN: Edeam
XBL: SilentSword91 (don’t get on Xbox much these days; haven’t bought an XB1)
Steam: Ghave

I don’t have a lot of friends that play video games, so always on the look out for more :slight_smile:


Okay, I could use some Battlefield 1 and Diabo III buddies.

Content Editor & Writer/Reviewer
Twitter @thejagamemnon

PSN: JAgamemnon

I also like, review, and watch an unhealthy amount of anime, so if that’s your thing too, I need friends in that department.


psn: brandnew4522

I don’t play too many multiplayer games but always like seeing what everyone else is up to on my friends list


On XBL I’m: SvenNomadsson

But as I’m in Helsinki Finland my hours tend to be different than most and as a dad I don’t get much game time.


Don’t have a current gen console, but my Steam name is triecatch and my twitter is @abroder


PSN and Steam: Robodacious
XBOX Live: Clivejive (I really liked Shoot em Up when I made this)


Steam and PSN: asweetlegend


PSN: Lawnch

Will totally add y’all later!


On steam here :slight_smile:


Midwestern insurance dude and general purpose nerd and sports fan.

Steam: Ladedadeda
XBL/PSN: suntzualpha


East coaster and business owner. I dont have any friends that play games so would love to meet some new ones! Converted to PC only about a year ago, switch coming soon though.

Steam: bigbend89

Have a good day everyone!


Psn: Mellzilla
I only dabble in multiplayer games, but I’ll be on every once and a while.


QualityJeverage on all of the above.

Add me if you’re interested in seeing me play a lot of singleplayer games and be meekly nervous about playing anything multiplayer <3


I am not that good at Souls games, and could probably use some jolly cooperation in BB or DS3 from time to time! Also I do Diablo and GGXrd. I’m not a big multiplayer guy.

I’m on PSN @ black_tie_only.


Most of my multiplayer game playing is first person shooters but you can find everywhere as TheBlackNerd, PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo, Steam

Even on Twitter!
Twitter: @TheBlackNerd


I like an awful lot of dumb weeb shit, and sometimes other dumb shit! I am currently playing through KH2 on lvl 1 crit mode because I haven’t wanted to throw or break anything lately. I’m more than happy to have more people on my piss 4 to play games with so add me if you so wish!
PS: pasianc



Chicago | GM of an apparel company | Founder of game crit site NCG

My steam name is blacklungbandit, because once upon a time I really, really loved weed.

Currently playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to an unhealthy degree if you want to join!


PSN: Victus_Unus
Steam: VictusUnus
Battlenet: Victus#1735

I don’t play a lot of multiplayer games currently on PSN, but on Steam I’ve been playing a lot of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds lately and while I haven’t played much in a bit I always can enjoy a game of Overwatch. I’m also considering playing some HOTS for the overwatch rewards.