A Cruise Ship LAN Party Forgot One Thing: The Cruise Ship


A floating esports tournament (and casino!) proves to be an infinite regress of bad ideas.

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Is the idea of ‘international waters’ catnip to eccentric investors? The idea that this is the second incident involving e-sports and boats in the last twelve months is very strange to me.


I guess casino cruises make a bunch of money, although that’s probably more from the casino and less from the cruise. Maybe it’s just me, but if your event revolves around the fact that it’s illegal so we’re just gonna leave the country, brb, then don’t be surprised when other shady stuff starts happening.


I think casinos are particularly attractive on ships because they have a captive audience. Casinos in Vegas do whatever they can to keep you on the floor, comped drinks, no clocks, comfortable seating. On a boat, there’s no worry the customer will get fed up and amble across the street.


In terms of esports shenanigans, this is pretty tame :>