A 'Cyberpunk 2077' Fan Spent 60 Hours Rendering a Fake Unboxing in CGI

People love collector’s editions of video games and they’ve only gotten more elaborate over the years. The $249 Cyberpunk 2077’s collector’s edition—a game, we should note, about a bleak dystopian future where megacorporations run the world and use their power to influence and control people’s likes and desires—will come with stickers, patches, books, and a statue of the main character running a dude down with a motorcycle. Cyberpunk 2077 fans will have to wait until next year to experience to get it, but one person didn’t want to wait. Redditor Hary1495 has created computer-generated, photorealistic scenes of the Cyberpunk 2077 s collector’s edition opened and strewn across a bed.

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I saw this on Twitter a few days ago and I’m really struggling to determine how it makes me feel. I dont think it’s cool. I dont feel like dunking on it. I just end up staring blankly at it and sighing very heavy.


“I haven’t ordered the collector’s edition yet,” Hary1495 said. He told me his project is more about stretching his ability to create a photorealistic picture than it was his love of Cyberpunk 2077 . He wanted to “push something that’s not real into reality and get people’s reaction to it.”

EH, I don’t really see this as that weird. It becomes weird with the greater context of how die hard CP2077 fans are for the game. I had to render a room for a Maya class I took in college. I decided to do the Predator’s trophy room. (It’s bad.) I don’t even have that strong an attachment to the Predator franchise. So, I think this dude probably thought he could get some publicity for a class project style assignment, and it totally worked.


I kind of love how this subverts the value of the collector’s edition merch. In a very real way, Harry 1495 created something that is likely better, cooler, and less disappointing than the actual junk that will come in the box.

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I think most capital-G gamers are more invested in the consumerist thrill of buying a game, than actually playing it.


I’m gonna spend my next week of free time rending myself lovingly tonguing a pair of boots with various corporate logos on it.


I mean… People DO do that. That’s how you get jobs in the design world. Look at any art grad’s portfolio, and they have their take on a Nike shoe or whatever.

We don’t associate them with being OBSESSED with Nike, because it’s a portfolio piece.


cyberpunk 2077’s existence hurts and insults all kinds of marginalized folk already, well ahead of its release.
this art is functionally an ad, regardless of intent, and likewise this article highlighting it.

please don’t?
please don’t shill for our continued difficulty in everything.