A Decade Later, 'Alan Wake Remastered' Remains a Gripping Thriller

The pitch black darkness that spreads through the nightmarish dreamscapes in Alan Wake feels familiar at first. It is often both the source and symptom of evil, a foul miasma that can only be dispersed by the healing purity of light. Even in its amorphous form, this darkness has somehow given shape to the sheer force of malevolence, draping the world of Alan Wake in a morbid lightlessness, possessing innocents and turning them into soulless husks menacing the titular hero. To fend them off means having to wield light itself, be it through the piercing beam of a flashlight or the explosive flare of a flash grenade. It all seems to impart a classic tale on morality: that if the darkness is dangerous, then the light will bring salvation.

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