A 'Demon's Souls' Boss Is Causing People to Unplug Their Internet on PS5

"Maybe I should unplug my PlayStation 5 from the Internet," I mumbled to myself last week.

I've spent the last few weeks slowly playing the Demon's Souls remake for PS5, and it's been a delight to revisit such a revolutionary game, one that still feels quirky and fresh, even in 2020. But it's also been a chance to re-experience bad memories, ones that remain seared into my psyche, even all these years later. Chief among them is one of the game's most unique bosses, Old Monk, a decaying leader who lurks at the end of the creepy Latria.

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Is this why my baby boy Hasan is so mad?

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Ah the Old Monk. I ruined many a gamer’s day back in my time with the original Demon’s Souls.

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what i’m hearing is you can’t play anything at all offline on ps5 without doing something so dramatic as unplugging the cable, which
is this actually the case?

and if so, why

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That tracks with the rest of the games, you’ve gotta deliberately disconnect your console if you want to completely opt out of PvP.

i feel like all it took was signing out of psn or something like that. i’m certain i stopped playing dark souls 2 online at some point without disconnecting my ps3 entirely. it’s been awhile since i played it though.

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I have watched Hasan get so mad at this game that he ended stream abruptly not once, but twice. And it brings me a weird sick joy that I cannot be happy about lmao.


The pvp you can’t opt out of unless you’re offline or want a significant stat reduction has always been the worst part of the souls series.

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The pvp in these games has never been good tbh.

And while I enjoy playing Dark Souls co-op with friends, I kind of feel like Sekiro having no multiplayer is one of the best design decisions Fromsoft has ever made and that none of their games should have pvp going forward.


All the qt’s to this remind me why people don’t like playing Souls games. Agree or not, his gripes sound sincere and everyone’s like “GIT GUD YOU FUCKING NORMIE LOSER”

Great community.



That’s why I don’t like playing them lol

I’m fine with my Souls combat in Assassin’s Creed thanks

I would actually argue that the Old Monk is the worst pvp implementation they’ve done in the souls series, and they wisely walked it back for all their future entries. Gating progression behind mandatory competitive multiplayer in a primarily single player game is a terrible idea.

I’m glad that when I eventually play it I won’t have PS+ so I won’t have to worry about it.

Ironically Demon’s Souls is the exception, as playing in soul form is actually the optimal way to play. You do a lot more damage in soul form and the reduction in HP can easily be made up for with a ring you get early in the game. There’s really no reason to ever go into human form unless you specifically want to engage with the multiplayer.

Not surprised to see some people being taken aback by how agro Demon’s Souls is. It makes Dark Souls look extremely focus tested, and I was curious how much of that stuff would end up getting tweaked. For as aggressive as the aesthetic overhaul was, it seems like they pretty much left the mechanical side of things alone?

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I’d be really curious to see if they ever release like a ‘director’s cut’ of Demon’s Souls as DLC, that cuts out all the bullshit that is infamously unpopular for a more mainstream experience.

Bluepoint’s a bit strange about this, they seem to view gameplay as the only essential part of the games they remake. (Although changing the control scheme in Colossus comes close to changing gameplay.) So they’re fine changing things aesthetically, character creator, etc., but will never touch whatever they consider “gameplay.”

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Compared to later games where PvP is just a mechanism for Honorable Duels™ and the design did just about everything possible to disincentivize sporadic invasions, things like soul form’s huge health penalty are good mechanics for making the potential of enemy invasions something you have to factor into walking around in body form.

DeS’ best quality was how it was so willing to buck conventional design with ideas like invasions and world tendency, or bosses like Maiden Astraea and Old Monk. The series’ continual adherence to fan expectations of homogeneous design that’s hard but totally free of “gimmicks” to create any sense of friction with the core play experience, has been the number one thing making me totally bored with the later games from Bloodborne’s DLC onward. Going back to DeS’s more rough-hewn structure was eye opening, and I don’t like that they’re treated as mistakes from growing pains rather than ideas meant to foster a very unique type of play experience.

Oh shiiii

Some people are pointing out it sounds like the hammer and anvil from the Elden Ring trailer.

“Free of gimmicks” is not how I would describe Soulsbornes. From what I remember of Dark Souls (never played Demons), most bosses have a “gimmick”. I would also imagine “forced PVP” itself is a gimmick. I imagine you mean something specific but I’m not sure I understand what you’re going for.

Later games (BB/DS3/Sekiro) have different visual themes for the bosses, but the majority of them have the same general idea: you learn a bunch of weird attack timings, then dodge/deflect and punish. Those games aren’t without bosses that buck the norm (Micolash, Folding Screen Monkeys), yet every Archdemon and a few regular bosses in DeS are what the souls community would call “gimmick” fights since they aren’t principally about mastering the combat game systems.

Dragon God is a pretty bad broken stealth mission and Old Monk chafes against people trying to avoid PvP at all costs, but I’ll take a dud or two if it means more variety in the gamut of bosses.