A Double-Overtime 'CSGO' Final Showed the Importance of Good Tiebreakers


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If we are talking overtime finishes, I have to refer to maybe my favorite sports memory ever, this one game that my school’s traditionally very bad football team won in overtime last year. It was my senior day, what would’ve been my last day with the marching band had I not decided to make a surprise comeback for my fifth year of undergrad. Anyway, I could talk about this game for hours, it was just too perfect, a comeback win over a team KU hadn’t beaten in my lifetime, and the college football overtime format was perfect for this, it gave the defense a chance to make a stop (done by a promising freshman making an interception) and it gave an oft-maligned senior kicker the chance to make the most important kick of his career on his final play in front of the home crowd.


An NHL overtime game that only went three extra frames? Pshaw.

May 4th, 2000. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Eastern Conference semi-finals. We had a little pod of hockey fans in my circle of friends at Ohio U, and me and one other guy went out to dinner at a sports bar, and then back to the dorms to watch the rest of the game with our friends. Being in the common room, some people filtered in and out and some got engrossed in the game.

The game ended on May 5th. 5 OTs, and it’s still the longest game in “modern NHL history,” although I’m not sure how people are defining “modern.” There’s a gang of 5 or 6 of us that toughed it out through the whole thing that still mark the anniversary most years with “What a long-ass game” and “Jesus we’re old now.” The later becomes more common each year.