A E S T H E T I C S and you

Vaporwave is my favourite music to strut to. Please discuss if you like to strut (and/or fuck) to Vaporwave or Chiptune, or any other retro-inspired art

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Vaporwave is the best music to work to. Blank Banshee is my jam.

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Selfish High Heels is a fuckin jam


One of my favorites: Com Truise - Brokendate

This album is great, but I reeeeally dig this Genesis cover :stuck_out_tongue:


I already posted Celebrating Digital Artifacts on the music recs thread but that was top 5 albums of 2016 for me easy.

I also super love I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky by Equip.

Vapourwave is good I think

https://soundcloud.com/discoursecollective/episode-22 This episode of the discourse collective has some really interesting takes that made me realize part of why vaporwave is so damn cool


Not sure if anyone has checked out NEOTIC’s weekend live mixes of excessively chill music https://www.youtube.com/user/TheStevenGFX

I’ve also been on the hunt for spooky vaporwave. Please feel free to send me any and all of the spookiest vaporwave you know of.


This is by far my fave vaporwave album.

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I love this vapor mix, as it’s just awesome to zone out to:

this is great, thanks for posting!!

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I came to vaporwave “late” (by internet standards of late) and the more I listen to people’s vaporwave recommends the more I think that vaporwave is not actually the thing that I thought I was into.

Is Nohidea vaporwave?

Is Tomppabeats vaporwave?

It’s possible that I actually just like down-tempo minimalist hip hop and the vaporwave, “hey jam to this mashup of 80s soap opera music and the windows 95 theme” thing is just a funny gag that hasn’t gotten old to me yet.

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2 8 1 4 is some fantastic ambient vaporwave. Great for technoir/shadowrun background music as well as just chilling out.


My mind still refuses to accept that vaporwave, this tongue-in-cheek music genre made to poke fun of capitalist excess, that by design died out as quickly as it came, is still omnipresent but stripped of all of its original meaning, either through actual capitalist excess ripping its aesthetic for advertising or in memes that refuse to go away. It’s so unbelievably surreal.

It’s equally nuts that this whole weird thing spawned a bona fide pop single.

In any case, Vektroid was by far the essential voice, and one of the only artists I still go back to. I wish I could relive that whole thing; it was oddly magic.

think these fit, but they’re some of my favorite mixes I use for writing ambiance at work

This channel has some extremely good, lengthy mixes. Of what I have heard, this is my fav

I’ve been getting into making vaporwave lately. Here’s a little tune I just made a couple hours ago. I hope you like it! https://soundcloud.com/zelada/mania

Even if it’s not technically vaporwave, Harbor LP is amaaazing

if you guys don’t know about Orange Milk Records already, you should. it’s vaporwave-ish but they really have their own unique aesthetic. Keith Rankin (one of the people who made I’ll Try Living Life Like This which was linked above), co-runs the label and is a visual artist who does basically all the album art. they have a good variety of different artists from different places on there as well.

I’m not 100% sure where this fits in between Vaporwave and chiptune and all that, but this guy, Maxo, whose music is used in the intro theme to CoolGames Inc from Nick Robinson and Griffin McElroy, is so entertaining. He’s made level themes to games that don’t exist, it’s so interesting to hear that sort of work going on. It reminds me of Bird World, which Waypoint was covering a while ago as well