A Failed Online Experiment Is Becoming 'Torchlight III'

Torchlight Frontiers, once pitched as a free-to-play shared-world revival of Runic Games’ hack-n-slash series, is no more. Publisher Perfect World and developer Echtra Games this week announced that Frontiers has been reworked as a proper Torchlight threequel, dropping online requirements and the free-to-play model to don the Torchlight 3 moniker with a premium release this summer.

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Honestly, I still have a weird taste in my mouth from the whole thing where Runic got shuttered but then Max Schaefer started a new studio that picked up the Torchlight contract right where they left off with PWE still as publisher.


I was unaware of the rocky history for this game. I didn’t even know Runic closed down. I played a lot of TL2 back in the day but it never hit the spot for me. I wish them the best with the new entry but it’s tough to have faith. If TL3 comes to consoles I’ll play it, I just hope it has split-screen this time.