A Fashion/Personal Aesthetic Thread


This didn’t exist so I want to start it.

I’ve been sort of out of the Popular Menswear zone for a while but I still like cool clothes and discussion about personal aesthetics, and I figure other people would be interested in talking about clothes, personal style, fashion & its intersections with society, etc etc etc.

Here’s some cool topics to start with if people are interested:

  • the met gala and loox comin out of the met gala
  • what’s a cool piece/outfit you’ve worn recently and why do you think it’s cool
  • what’s a cool piece that you’ve had your eye on but don’t have rn
  • if you could define your personal style in a word or phrase what would it be

currently, as a bigger person, I’ve been thinking a lot about how fashion can become an an arm of body normativity and, consequently, a tool of oppression. however, i don’t think fashion is inherently oppressive, insofar that in some way, cultivating a personal aesthetic is really calming and cool and makes me feel good. so that’s a weird thing.

also no bodyshaming, no sexism, no racism, no classism, etc in thread pls. i mean that is basically in the waypoint forum rules but just reiterating since personal aesthetic can be sort of a touchy subject due to its intersection with those things.

let’s talk about clothes and stuff


oh god im going to have to stop myself posting every outfit I have in here


I’ve been so out of the loop with fashion in the past few years, but I still love checking out Junya and CDGH+ collections when I remember that fashion week is a thing.


I know nothing about fashion, but my oh my some of the MetGala dresses were amazing. Rihanna’s in particular.


I have a pretty much greyscale wardrobe with highlights of color, like red shoes or blue jackets. It’s very basic but I like it. Once I get a steady job I plan on investing in updates, as right now you could also say all of my clothes have a very “distressed” aesthetic.


Clothes have been kind of hard for me lately. I’m a bigger, short (around 5’2) pre-hormones trans guy and it, so far, as been impossible to find men’s pants that fit me around the hips. If anyone has any reccomendations for pants for bigger dudes I would definetly appreciate it!

Anyway, Rami Malek’s suit at the Met Gala is perfect.


Hey! I’m a cis guy but I do have bigger hips/thighs. I’ve found that looking for ‘athletic’ cuts has helped, and also stuff with a higher rise. My favorites so far are:

Levis 501 CT: It’s like a 501 (higher rise, wider thigh/hip cut) but it tapers so that by the knee or so they look more modern & slim. If you want a more relaxed fit the 501 standards are fine, imo. Levis retails them for like $80ish but since it’s Levis, sales are pretty common. I got a pair for $40.

Very similar & a tad cheaper retail, the J Crew 770 fit is real good imo. I have two of their 770 chinos and love them both, and they seem to last longer than most chinos I’ve had (the pair I’m wearing now I’ve had for like a year, whereas I’m used to thigh blowouts on most chinos within like 4-6 months).


Thank you so much! I’m still learning the basic fits of men’s wear and all of the cuts. It’s kind of like trying to learn a second language. Most of the time I have no idea what these weird numbers mean haha


The 501s might be exactly what I’ve been looking for. I too have big hips and thighs (lots 'o squatting), so can never find pants that slim towards the ankles without crushing my waistline. Thanks!


No problem! It’s very much like a second language, a lot of different terminology between brands. The best way I’ve found is to learn your own measurements and find sizing charts on every site. Even then you might get burned though, because some brands just don’t have great QA on their sizing (cough cough Levis)


I am fan japanese fashion, such gothic lolita fashion (which is a major inspiration for my drawings) and I do use boystyle fashion (also know as ouji or dandy), which is, to make it simple, combination of gothic, victorian, visual key, pop culture, fashion elements, which is often seen as companion to the gothic lolita fashion. But do wear it mostly in meet ups of our local japanese fashion community or in anime events. Some of my outfits could been seen in my deviant art profile.


Seibei has the absolute best t-shirts. My favorite shirt of all time is from Seibei (pictured below)

I also really love hunting for Lazy Oaf resells on ebay - too expensive, but I absolutely love the style and feel, especially around 2015.

These days I do most of my shopping on ebay and StoreEnvy, where I found my favorite winter piece. I used to be really into licensed gear/irony shirts, but I’m becoming more and more into dresses and plain/understated looks.

I guess I would ask, to add to the OP…

  • What’s your favorite place to shop and what’s your favorite place to browse?


At work the past year as an IT specialist my aesthetic was “Look as important as possible even if you are only fixing a printer” & at home it’s “80’s skater who really likes tees that make me hungry & perturbed”. Hats/sunglasses & Jackets are essential.

Edit: Bring back Knickerbockers & riding boots for men. Everyone looks good in riding boots.


i don’t wear clothes, op


I kind of swore off graphic tees a few years ago but I’m tempted to get back into them now that people are getting more inventive with them. At least I want a few for like, party usage. Seibei looks cool, thanks for the the heads up on that


my aesthetic is basically “Doctor Indiana Jones” not Indiana Jones the rough and tumble adventurer mind you, but Indiana Jones the lecturer in archeology from the 1940s. lot of bowties and sport coats. also hats, I am doing my level best to reclaim fedoras from the dregs of masculinity which shouldn’t be hard because actually what they are wearing are trilbies a topic I am needlessly passionate about. but actually mostly when I am dressing up I wear a bowler in the winter or a boater in the summer.


Doubly awesome, a portion of Seibei purchases go towards nonprofits, and he does partnerships with awesome artists like Michael Deforge and Katie Skelly.

I like Stay Home Club and No Fun Press for a similar vibe.


Yeah her dress is really cool, someone on tumblr made a great visual comparison of Gustav Klimt’s The Dancer and her dress, take a look

As for fashion I have grown to enjoy it more over the years as I feel like I care/feel confident enough to pursue my own style more these days. I have for sure have to learn to be comfortable with dressing with things I feel are fancy or I imagine might bring attention. Now looking for some new summer shoes and I’ve just wish these Dr Martens were sold in Sweden (always been wary of buying shoes online).


Is it just me or is men’s fashion currently really boring? Like, I have to struggle to find jackets that are not black or dark blue.


Love that this came up - I work in fashion retail and it so rarely bumps up against video games.

I’m extremely heavily tattooed including all of my hands, neck, and a bit of my face - because those set a very specific cultural context for me, I offset that by dressing pretty nicely. Currently I’m wearing:

  • Tan Chelsea boots from Aldo
  • Black slim slacks from Ministry of Supply
  • White dress shirt from Ministry of Supply
  • MoS’s ultra rad 3D-printed blazer/cardigan hybrid “Seamless Jacket”
  • Gold watch with sapphire face from MVMT
  • McCarthy-era inspired plastic/metal hybrid frame glasses from See

The other part of being heavily tattooed is that I can ONLY wear solid colors, and 90% of the time, neutrals. As soon as you throw a print on me I become a visual mess.

Totally! So it probably depends on what sort of cut you’re looking for. Are you looking for something more specifically masculine? Or are you shooting more for andro?

If you’ve got the budget for it, I’d recommend buying a couple pairs of pants that you love in theory, sizing slightly up (so we get the hips) then have them tapered just a tiny bit (so they’re not super baggy through the leg, but not too femme, if you’re going for masc) Tapering is extremely inexpensive, depending on your part of the country/world, it’s usually like $18 USD.

Hope that helps!