A Fashion/Personal Aesthetic Thread


I try to wear sweatpants as much as possible. I like to live comfy.


That’s a really good idea and one I hadn’t considered. Thank you! I’m not entirely sure what kind of cut I want, really, haha. Actively thinking about how my clothes gender me is kind of new for me.


I really want to get more (read: any) tattoos and I’ve thought about how it might affect the visual palette that I dress in. I can imagine with a few extra patterns things would get a bit overwhelming.


Totally! It’s a bit weird in 2017 as all fashion in most population dense areas becomes more androgynous in general. For example, I’m tall, thin, and wear women’s pants - though I’m a cis guy, I’m certainly not the most masculine by any means.

In general, though I can’t speak through experience, I’d ask yourself “what guys do I think look cool?” And simply emulate them for a while until you figure out your own vibe. Lmk if I’m speaking out of turn!


Not at all! I really appreciate any advice or tips on this kind of stuff


Do it man! I know this sounds about as cliche as it gets, but you really do only live once. Of course that goes both ways with tattoos, but I personally could never imagine not being tattooed. Pre-tattooed Will was almost body-dysphoric in a way - I had the feeling that something was missing from me.

Plus, western society hasn’t been this accepting of tattoos since they were outlawed by the church centuries ago.

If you ever want advice on how/where/what to get tattooed, or want a hot recco for a shop in your area just hit me up!


oh yeah since i didn’t even answer my own questions, the most common stuff in my own rotation rn are:

  • J Crew 770 chinos in olive green (i linked them above)
  • Red Wing Heritage 875 boots
  • a bunch of OCBDs
  • Black Levis 501 CTs
  • Filson Short Trucker Jacket
  • Levis Denim Trucker

currently like ALL of my denim (other than the The West Is Dead pair) have thigh blowouts & I’m too broke to fix em rn :frowning: but i’m proud of my collection

  • Self Edge x 3sixteen 30BSPs (with the Thanos patch :3)
  • Red Cotton Black Tapered
  • The West Is Dead Lightwash Slim tapered


I love thinking about fashion as it relates to body perception. I’m a non-binary person, so my fashion is very informed by my desire to present in certain ways. In cooler months I tend to just wear jeans and an anonymizing, grey, oversized crewneck sweatshirt. I wear plain black vans as well. I’m an MFA student and a teacher, and so I’m able to wear essentially genderless clothes 24/7, which is nice. Sometimes I’ll dress up in blouses and skirts, and that’s where I am usually way out of my depth lol


I’m all about 3/4 sleeves, v necks, and colorful socks. Recently started getting Express jeans as well and I’m a big fan of the fit and look. I’ve also recently had people tell me how great I looked in a black v-neck and jeans. So my casual attire has become pretty easy as of late.

I absolutely LOVE wearing dress clothes though. Dress shirts and a suit are so comfortable and fantastic! I just never have a reason to get dressed up. My job and lifestyle do not call for it at all.


The only things I’m a stickler about are my shoes. I love the Rockport Make Your Path Oxfords because they’re comfortable (I’ve even played basketball in them) and decent looking


Like me, my wardrobe is going through a bit of a transition right now. Currently it’s mostly slim black jeans and long-sleeved button-downs with the sleeves rolled up a bit. My best friends are getting married in a month, and I’m hoping I’ll feel comfortable in a dress by then.


the last graphic t-shirt I bought was from a buddy’s goofy lil pop-punk throwback band:

otherwise I get all my graphic tees for free from working festivals and such, and then only buy v-neck tees in black or slate grey

spring and fall aesthetic is almost always button-downs or hoodies over jeans/khakis, and winter just moves that up to sweaters or jackets over khakis


i like to always wear a skirt or dress, mostly because i very much enjoy wearing leggings!! i mostly have plain leggings, but i wanna get more leggings with patterns on them. i also usually wear cardigans too, because i’m kinda dysphoric about my shoulders so like to kept them covered as much as possible haha. i tend to go for darker colors too, mostly some amount of purple, or just black and white in general with a little color added in! i love pastel colors the most though, i just feel more confident with darker colors when it comes to mixing and matching my outfits.

um i feel a little self conscious posting a selfie here so i’ll just link it, but here’s one of my absolute favorite outfits! it’s a rather old look i still wear to this day, cuz i just love that dress so much, and the cardigan is super cute with it imo!!!


Have you ever checked out Sock Dreams? They have a pretty wide selections of cute leggings and free shipping in the US


At this point I’ve adopted the Caravella Aesthetic and have been rocking the plain, black tees and black jeans with some white sneakers. In short, I’m dressed like I’m always ready to do some dirt. :sunglasses:


i’ve actually been to their store before, but it was so long ago i forgot about them! thank you for reminding me, i’ll check 'em out!


This is a verrryyyyy interesting question as I’ve tried to androgynize my existing wardrobe - I’ve been publicly presenting as very cismale for most of my life and have been trying sloooooowly to sneak in my long-hiding femme vibes into my everyday wear, which has been Very Tough while working with a bunch of (very sweet and lovely) middle-aged suburbanites in a public institution.

I’ve cared about how I dress for a long time though - I think construction and fit is way more important than trend, as a well-made piece is gonna look sharp forever, so I love me some good sweaters and good jeans.


I put a ton of weight on last year, so I can’t fit into a lot of what I have currently. I’ve been working hard to bring my weight back down and I’m excited to get new clothes once I drop a bit more. It’ll also be way easier to find skirts and dresses that fit me too! About 85% of what I own is black and white, been branching back into getting stuff with color recently though. Don’t have too many decent pics of outfits which I should really fix. I wish health goth was still in, was a lot easier finding new pieces.

Looking to pick up some new shoes soon, been eyeing some different variations of Air Jordan 1s to replace my current sneakers. I’m kinda worried about the upkeep of keeping em white though. My current pair is the first pair of non-cheap shoes I’ve had in years and I’ve been pretty bad about keeping the soles from yellowing, which is something I’d want to combat in the future.


oh man, a pair of Jordan 1s have been on my wishlist for SO LONG now. I love how clean they look.


I totally agree re: your last point, which is why I constantly thank my stars that I invested in high-quality stuff when I had the resources to. I don’t feel nearly as scarce on options now, because all the stuff I bought still holds up well.