A Fashion/Personal Aesthetic Thread


This is a big factor in me exploring and discovering parts of my gender identity! Part of my path to identifying as non-binary was a desire to wear women’s clothes or clothes that at least have female connotation.


eek same, same.


I keep trying and failing to pull a summer/health goth look.I need more tank tops for sure.


Can we talk a bit about the failings and good parts of places like /r/malefashionadvice? I honestly have a lot of conflicting feelings there. “Own two two-sided belts” has been the only advice that has 100% worked for me lol


This was generally my winter aesthetic: black chinos with grey shoes/top and usually something pink to accentuate. Pink is like my go to accentuating color, and typically I keep things pretty dark and muted otherwise.

Things are warming up and I’ll probably revert to showing skin whenever i can get away with it


I feel like it evolved from the old fashion subforum on SA, which had very, VERY didactic rules about exactly how to choose and wear raw denim jeans and tried to create a specific set of rules for everyone to Level Up their fashion sense which ended up feeling like gatekeeping and therefore a huge turnoff for me.

Also some of those people were RIDICULOUS.


Yes yes yes! you should get some. I have a partly sheer spaghetti-strap black tank that i love wearing.


Lazy chic, androgynous femme. I love pastel goth stuff too, bold colors (coral, aqua), anything with pineapples or bees. I’m trans-masc but I love “cute”, “cute” is my go to. Lately I mostly wear baggy blouses and fashion leggings. I’ve been trying to go thru my closet so I’m not only wearing t-shirts all the time, that’s so boring for me personally.

Back when I ID’d trans male (now trans-masc agender currently) I tried to get into mens fashion and realized I kind of hate any mens fashion except for urban streetwear and South Korean men’s styles.


i pretty much cut my teeth on MFA after i stopped browsing /fa/. I never was much on sufu or SA’s fashion boards.

I think MFA is honestly a really great resource if you don’t know anything about menswear, and some of their beginner guides are still like, some of the only documentation on the net of ‘how shit should fit’ that doesn’t talk down to you & isn’t written in hardcore forum/chanspeak. Which is good!

MFA is also, yknow, reddit, so it’s not amazing. It seems more resilient to cults of personality than some parts of reddit, which is good, and the mods are generally good at weeding out serious bad actors.

As for the advice, it was always kind of known that MFA leans a bit more conservative. Like it was consciously poked fun at for having ‘uniforms’, and i get that, but also, those uniforms… worked. I mean, a blue OCBD and dark denim and brown shoes is like… a pretty inoffensively good outfit.

And that’s the real kicker, imo: MFA is built to be a sort of ‘bland well dressed’. Which works for some people (I usually prefer it!) but it renders it a bit more hostile to anything that pushes against that.

MFA is like, infamously against statement pieces, which I don’t always agree with. It’s also GENERALLY anti high fashion and anti-streetwear (although it’s relaxed on streetwear recently, from the few times I poke my head in).

For all it’s faults, I still think MFA is a generally good place to find info, and I do pop in from time to time to see the Best of WAYWT threads because i think there are some really cool fits in there. I just don’t frequent it a lot, mostly because I don’t go on reddit as often as I used to but also because I kind of found my fashion niche and don’t often experiment as much. I just wear what I like and happen to have a wardrobe (mostly) full of what I like.

edit: wait i have more to say:

mfa also is good at a sort of ‘classic masculine’ look which is, i know, not for everyone. i happen to love stupid old jackets and uncomfortable denim though, so i’m into it. i do wish they’d be a lil more… open to other aesthetics of menswear tho. But I guess that was always the goal of r/malefashion, though that sub was always a bit more rude and ‘internet fashion snarky’ if you know what i mean


It’s pretty much tropical summer for 90% of the year where I live, so the majority of my casual wardrobe is full of light v-neck tees and burmudas. Lots of blues, whites, and greys with a spattering of red or black thrown in here and there. Jeans for probably a week or two around July/August. Black flip-flops or grey ankle chucks. I’m trying to move into wearing loafers, but I haven’t found any that I really like yet.

Work/formal clothing for me is very much a business casual aesthetic in general. Long sleeved shirts almost always rolled up to the elbows. Solid or lightly textured colours, whites, blues, browns, light purples. Either black or grey pants. Generic black or brown business shoes.

Hair is cropped quite close on the back and sides, and kept long enough on top for some wave and room to style, though most of the time I wear it very conservatively combed over or back with some pomade.

Basically, I present as the most generically unremarkable white cis guy you can possibly imagine.


I’ve been wearing just black and muted colors for a long time, because it didn’t require much thought, but I want to change that. So far I just got some t-shirts in brighter colors and wear almost no black anymore, but I’d like to branch out a lot more than that.

I’m kinda having a tough time finding clothes that aren’t just jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie, but also not formal wear or specifically ‘for girls’. At the moment I present pretty masculine, although I identify as non-binary, as I am still figuring out how to express that part of myself. My main way of doing this right now, is to grow my hair out, which is way past my shoulders at the moment and I’m wearing it open.

Ideally, I would like to put together a wardrobe that looks pretty androgynous, and lets me avoid wearing just jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie all the time (like everybody else). I’m a bit of a snowflake like that.

Also, and this might be slightly off-topic, I’ve been thinking a lot about dying my hair an unnatural color, like blue, so if anyone wants to share their experiences with having colorful hair, I’d love to hear about them!

This is a great thread and I’m sorry for producing such a rambly wall of text, but I hope someone here has a tip or two for me. :slight_smile:


My fashion goals are pretty far outside of my actual budget but can be summarised mostly in this blog. Avant-garde, blvk fashion, goth couture shit. I cobble together workable semblances of that vibe from what I can find/afford around my city and online.

Here are a few of outfits from the last year or so.


love your hair.


thank you! i’m trying to grow it rn (2nd pic is from last week) and it’s gotten to the irritating long-but-not-long beatles stage. just have to power through.


I feel you. I’m also growing mine and it involves enduring several periods of awkward length.


So glad that I’m well past that point, but there sure are some terrible photos of me out there…
Edit: From the looks of it you’re powering through way better than I did. Keep it up :grin:


pastels are my jam. a mix of fairy kei and larme kei is what i’m going for, if you’re familiar with those terms. my favorite brands are liz lisa, listen flavor, milklim, bobon21, and swankiss atm. right now i’m just trying to fill my closet with some off-brand basics from taobao, but i’m hoping to get more pieces from those brands over time. i’m always on the lookout for good deals on out of stock pieces, tho, so if you ever see a good deal for a milklim cotton candy shirt or something pop up on ebay or yahoo japan auctions or what have you, lmk!


I’m a huge sucker for the strega/techwear look! Sadly it’s hard to find good suitable pieces on a budget, but I’ve managed to put together a few outfits.

I pretty much only wear black/gray/burgundy because I am secretly a bad goth kid.

Sadly, I can’t feasibly wear my preferred style at work due to risk to the clothes/myself if I wore flowy clothing, so my day to day is jeans or sweatpants and t-shirts. So many t-shirts.


My entire wardrobe is basically layered black activewear.

But it’s called Athleisure. Not Health Goth. Health isn’t goth.


The things I tend to wear, from the bottom to the top:

Brown Chippewa boots

Blue socks, either solid or with a cool pattern

Levi’s 559 jeans, as dark a blue as you can get before you hit black

A brown leather belt from Narragansett Leathers (made by this retiree in Maine who’s been leather working since the sixties, the first belt I’ve been really happy with–highly recommend)

Shirts: Day to day I’ll wear the uniform shirt for work, a t-shirt for play, or a button up shirt for semi-casual hang-outs

Hands: Occasionally I will wear nail polish, and when I do I prefer dark blues and greens–think emeralds and sapphires, dark but with high reflectance. Sometimes silver.

Face: A beard which I am in a constant battle between too long/unkempt and too short/patchy looking. One day I will achieve balance.

Hat: I’m a bald man so I tend to wear a hat (more for insulation and sun protection than to hide the baldness–I have come to terms with the fact that I’ll never get to dye my hair a cool color which I’d totally love to do). My favorite style is this kind of Ivy Cap/newsboy hat.