A Fashion/Personal Aesthetic Thread


When I was high school I was philosophically somewhat anti-fashion. I didn’t care what I wore because I didn’t consider it important, it’s what’s inside that counts, I’d rather be evaluated on what I said or did than how I looked, blah blah blah. Doesn’t help that I’m a fairly nondescript looking white dude. I mostly ended up wearing jeans, tennis shoes, primary color or dark t-shirts, and usually a hoody like, 90% of the time. (I do like the N7 hoody, but they don’t really seem built for constant wear…) I have ended up wearing Levi 501s, mostly because it proved somewhat easier to find the 29x34s I typically wear in that fit.

In recent years I’ve been reconsidering much of that (There’s something to be said about deliberately cultivating an aesthetic to present to the world, and also just liking yourself), but between not having the time or money and a self-inflicted handicap, I have no idea where to start. Maybe I’ll figure it out eventually - interesting reading threads like this one and seeing where other people fall!


Larme is such a cute style! I think that you might also enjoy Rose Marie seoir? I’m more into the goth/punk side of j-fash, but I love seeing other people’s cute coords!

I’m mostly a lolita, but since that’s impractical to wear to work, I’ve been trying to do more casual styles. My favorite brand is Moi meme Moitie, and I would say that their “elegant vampire romance” descriptors match my fashion goals quite well. Other goth-y brands that I admire include Sheglit, H.Naoto, Alice auaa, and Na+H. Strangely, I also love chocolate and pastry themed dresses. On the casual end, I like kawaii/weeby designs and am always looking for good indie artists! I’ve been into heikala, koyamori, and yoyothericecorpse recently.

I really appreciate the “dress for yourself and not others” mentality in the j-fashion community and also how it allows for such creativity and freedom of expression. Participating in the fashion, putting together and wearing nice outfits has been an amazing confidence booster for me.


I’ve spent the last couple years doing next to nothing and this thread is just reminding me that that included shopping for clothes. I think since graduation I’ve lived solely on Levis 511s, artsy graphic tees (Threadless, which I’m not proud of), and an olive drab Theory bomber. I definitely come from a family of rich wardrobes and feel like I should be putting more effort to this and definitely need to get comfortable casually wearing dress shirts again.

Somewhere in the 00s I decided my aesthetic was going to be Guerilla War Rockstar which originally meant military inspirations and colors with slim cuts but relying heavily on an autumnal palette to keep me out of several bad choices. Slowly though this is just expanding to a Western cosmopolitan wardrobe with a bit of a worn roguish edge. What’s Anthony Bourdain wearing to a developing nation? I probably would look good in that.

God, I hate that about menswear. The most significant part of my growing up was learning that my father just doesn’t like challenges and men could wear more than just navy. It still doesn’t help that like you said it seems almost impossible to find jackets in colors.


I wear waistcoats on a daily basis.

The end.


Dante this is a very good response thanks a lot lol

Yeah I’m nb but I also kinda follow most of MFA’s basics because, well, I already have most of the outfits and also they seem to be thr only ones who know about thick facial/corporal hair? They suuuuuck at skincare tho

To learn how to shave I had to cobble advice from them, wicked_edge and… AsianSkincare lol


Finally, Donnie shows up in the thread that I definitely didn’t make as a honeypot for Donnie to reply to because I think his style is very good…


That belt company looks rad! I love smaller leatherworking companies like that, I got my belt from a small company in Portland (WH Earl) and I’m positive it’ll last like, until I die.


imagine a boy got slightly into fashion like 8 years ago when drape goth was coming up & subsequently ran out of money and energy but still holds that damn candle. hello.


I AGREE it’s antithetical!!!


Ahahaha, you snake, I didn’t even realise it was you that started the thread.


from what i can tell from my cursory googling, you’re spot on about the rose marie seoir. very much my thing!

i really like lolita, too, actually-- the few times i’ve gone to cons i always check out lolita-centric panels. only reason i’m not into it myself (yet) is location. living in a rural texas town, which means no communities to go to tea parties and picnics with, and a lot of judgy folk you can’t escape from to boot. just my purple hair gets me a lot of Looks. :pensive:

if you like indie artists, you might like shiroiroom or omocat? not sure if the latter counts as indie anymore, tbh, but once upon a time…


I AM SAD that “time heals” and the “rotten” shirts are sold out in my size… I feel like I neglected to point out that flowers are very much my aesthetic these days.


florals are so dope and i want like 4000 more floral things


Fuck now that I think about it I don’t own any floral shit… fuck


Goth all day and all night. Your local cute warlock boy, who runs a web blog that is definitely cursed. I have a studded leather jacket, a bunch of enamel pins, a denim bomber jacket with a bunch of arcane patches and arcane looking patches. I own way too many clothes from Killstar. Very goth/punk/occult with glitchpunk and cyberpunk themes on occasion.

Best way to describe my aesthetic and style.


I really want to see more pictures of people sporting their style if they’re comfortable with it.


Got pretty deep into the designer goth stuff a few years back. Did it as well as I could on a budget until I realized I work a 40 hour week and rarely leave the house otherwise and it didn’t seem too thrifty to sport expensive clothes around the house to end up covered in cat hair.

That said, when I can wear it, I do, and I still try my best to follow it. Lost & Found Ria Dunn is one of my favorite designers - really incredible pale tones and drapey pieces. Got my hands on a pair of trousers and a nice, breathable mesh/cotton tee when I spent some time in Italy and they’re both beautiful.

Julius has consistently put forth interesting pieces that I feel take the whole Rick Owens streetwear-style aesthetic and crank it to 11, so to speak. So many of his pieces really do the “destroyed” look better than anyone else and his experimentation with cargo pockets (a look that is typically considered “pedestrian” by most, I guess) is really cool. Truly the pinnacle of wearable “post-apocalyptigarb.”

For a smaller name, I’ve been a huge fan of Ovate, a one-woman goth design house out of Montreal, particularly her earlier seasons for taking many of the above-referenced aestethics and making them even better suited for daily wear while maintaining an affordability that simply isn’t found in most of these styles. Her newer work has definitely introduced a more formal “refinedness” that feels classic in a “chic 1800s” kind of way that I don’t as much see myself wearing, but I respect tremendously.


I’ve found myself dressing much nicer for fun recently. Because I work as a chef I wear white shirts and loose fitting pants at work that quickly become super sweaty and gross. So wearing well fitted pants, shirts, and blazers has become a fun escape from work. It also helps that someone my exact size donated a bunch of kick-ass vintage blazers to a local resale shop and now I have a bunch of them.


Sure. It’s nothing special.

Clearly, I barely know how to take pictures of things that aren’t my cats.


Messy room cropped out but as the maker of the thread i might as well post something

uniqlo / jcrew / wh earl / timex / red wing