A Fashion/Personal Aesthetic Thread


Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the skinny jeans I purchased at Muji. The cut is nice and the fabric is soft and flexible. Other than that, I’m always on the look out for graphic tees. My latest acquisition is a Game Sack shirt in navy blue.


Hi I’m looking for some dressing advice, I don’t live in a western country and I wanted to know what are the pants in Player Unknowns battleground that Austin’s character has, are called?
I saw the same type of pants today in the Thanksgiving episode of Master of None season 2 and I just wanted to know what that type of pant’s are called?


So, those aren’t terribly common and don’t really have a name. I’ve never seen that style in stores. They’re essentially skinny chinos with cargo pockets on the side. Are we talking about the same pants?

EDIT: Here’s the closest I could find in women’s.


Yea I think they do look similar for a women’s version, Thanks for ur help, i found them from ur link, there called Skinny Cargo pant’s.


I have started just buying those bulk packs of white shirts and wearing them with jeans and converse.

I feel like I should start storing a pack of smokes in the sleeve, just to really bring the outfit together.


For reference, I’m a 34 year old trans woman here. I just threw together this as a ‘mood board’ for my own fashion style. All these pics are from the Dorothy Perkins website (I do get probably 80% of my clothes from my local Dorothy Perkins these days!).

I tend to go for floral or plain clothes, unless it’s a particular design that I find appealing. The burgundy coat with the black fake fur collar is one I got recently, I’ve really been loving that. Super comfy to wear and it looks really cute.

For work I tend to wear dresses as its easier than matching an outfit every morning, often with a long-length cardigan over the top to keep me a little warmer, and opaque tights.

Casually I usually wear skinny jeans and a plain tee, again often with a cardigan over the top.

The glasses pictured are the ones I got this week so I’ll be wearing them for a few years to come :slight_smile: I really like them and they go really nicely with my style. I also love butterflies so I often have bags/jewellery/garments with those on!


I’ve always been a fan of androgynous or feminine male fashion styles, especially in stuff like JoJo, but my own style is based around making my weight into an asset. I’m about 250 lb, have had weight issues since I was a kid. A lot of the way I dress focuses on covering my body in light clothes that contrast with my dark skin (half Portuguese) or long sleeves with simple, single colors. I also like coats and caps during the winter, makes me feel strong when paired with my growing beard and mustache. If I ever lost enough weight, though, I’d definitely try shaving down and wearing large button downs with a stylish t-shirt.

I’ve kind of become interested in various crossdressing styles lately, especially in Japan’s otokonoko trend (as in the actual trend and not how it’s often shown in anime or manga). I’m just impressed by the confidence to pass oneself off as that feminine so well that it almost appears effortless.


Oh man do I have feelings about fashion and personal aesthetic especially when it comes to change over the past few years. Growing up I dressed pretty “preppy” with polos and khakis shorts and stuff. I started working clothing retail during late high school at Banana Republic and shifted to dressing up a bit more and elevating preppy to more semi-casual. During college, like every young person I began to experiment. I started more casual Americana stuff like denim jackets and stuff but still stayed pretty safe.

Then I came out. That really changed everything for me style-wise, since I had always not dressed too over the top or flamboyantly. I wanted to look as straight as possible. Once I came out, I really felt more free to explore trends, brighter patterns, bolder styles. In the past three years I’ve definitely kept my base style but have felt free to try new things. Last year it was denim jackets and shorts, florals, and better hairstyles. This year has been neck bandanas, enamel pins, and nail polish. I’m also on the tail end of normal sizing (XL and 38-isgh waist), so I’m big but not “big & tall”, so becoming more confident in myself has been a huge effort the past few years.

Here are some of my more adventurous outfits over the past two years or so:


i tend to dress androgynously & i wear jeans & large heavy jackets all the time unless the weather absolutely won’t allow it. most of my clothes are various shades of blue and i like to wear shirts with bird or ocean motifs


I had to dig up this thread because I got the raddest new sweater in the mail the other day and I had to show it off (especially since we’re still in the midst of summer in Australia so I haven’t had the opportunity to actually wear it out yet), but I think that my 2018 look is going to be ‘casual post-apocalypse’. I’ll typically just wear band shirts, plaid, or more subtle sweaters, but I love the hell out of this.


That looks really good on you!


Shoutout to that watch somehow effortlessly matching every color present on that sweater, nice!


I love love love that sweater and the watch! Very coastal and rugged!


Thanks for all this information, coming back to this after so long because I’ve been thinking about investing in some Ministry of Supply pants and was hoping for a little review.

I’m a lawyer and so am expected to wear nice slacks everyday, but also have big thighs and hips so am constantly struggling for nice slacks that are also comfortable.

I’ve read various reviews of the MoS pants being more stretchy and comfortable than typical dress pants, but was hoping for a little bit more input before dropping $100+ on a pair.

How do you like the MoS pants?