A Fighting Game Thread: For Beginners to Veterans

@Noelle808 I watched my roommate work on those Yuzu dash-B/C hits for the better part of an evening–the timing definitely takes some getting used to! I tend to prefer double-tapping the stick for dash attacks in combos too (Eltnum’s run and gun especially). Helps me not get my wires crossed on attacks vs movement. I’ve found the A+B dash to be most useful for short controlled movement, like dash-blocking towards a zoner, or dipping in/backdashing out of range to bait an attack.

Speaking of combos in general, Unist was my first real ‘combo based’ fighting game after mainly playing Smash and PM/watching other games at Evo each year, and it was interesting how much learning combos reminded me of practicing an instrument. Feels like a lot of the same techniques for learning apply, like breaking longer strings down into chunks and finding the physical rhythm. Also definitely has the same sense of frustration when a line won’t come together, followed by satisfaction when it finally clicks (especially when you then pull it off in game).

Outside of the in-game mission mode, another practice method I’ve enjoyed has been watching videos of pros at 75% speed to identify patterns and combo segments they use a lot, then trying them out on my own. It’s a nice way to identify smaller little segments you can work on and improve, when some of the Veteran mission combos can get pretty intimidating. Kurushii Drive does a great job of compiling highlight videos of various characters/players on youtube!


A so far extremely good balance patch just dropped for Samurai Shodown. They did the right thing in that, instead of all around nerfing anyone they made weakened a couple of each of the top characters and then gave everyone else some major buffs. I’ve always liked that mentality of making everyone more powerful instead of nerfing folks.

The games director, Nobuyuki Kuroki, was interviewed by Kotaku a coupl eof days ago and kind of echoed what a few of us were posting earlier in this thread, that making a game perfectly balanced is kind of boring and takes some personality away from the characters.

He made a good point too about how the game can be more exciting when there’s a known really good character that’s popular (but not too much to extent of like, say Tekken 4 or something) because it makes the character like a sort of recurring villain at events.

Anyway I love Shiki since that character first existed and I’ve still been using her online despite her basically being the worst character in the game. But now they increased her walking speed (along with almost everyone else’s) significantly and decreased her recovery on several of her moves, so I’m hoping it’s enough to make her more viable.

On the other extreme, Genjuro, Genjuro’s a character you’ll see a lot in tournaments because he’s really really good. To balance that out I think they did a good job both keeping him very powerful and threatening while still making him more reasonable - basically all of his moves leave him a little more open now. So like he’s still good but you can’t be too careless with him which is pretty cool.

In other fighting game news, I’m glad IGN is reporting on this. I was convinced no one would give a shit honestly because I’ve just grown so cynical about fighting game folks on the whole, this was good to see. Samurai Shodown is so good it did manage to get me to actually play video games online again though.



So, this game is sort of an oddity in that it’s like, 100% mediocre in almost every way, but is well made enough that’s very easy to pick up, fast paced, and fun. Great music, dorky 90s fighting game characters, etc.

I mean I’ll be real even when this game was new it was generic enough that it should have been sold in a plain white box that just said “2D FIGHTING GAME” on the cover in 24pt Arial, but it just works and is greater than the sum of its parts.

Some great fighting game tunes too imo:

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This makes me very happy. I hope there’s a decent training mode.

Hey for anyone looking to get a controller with a better dpad for fighting games without dropping a lot of money I would like to recommend 8bitdos m30 controller.

It’s $30, Bluetooth/wireless, out of the box worked with both my Switch and PC. Controller feels great and actually worked with Smash Bros which was not something I expected. I don’t own a PS4 or Xbox but I believe it also works with them if you get the $10 wireless dongle (or maybe it works out of the box idk).

Anyway I’m enjoying MK 11 a lot more with this then I was with my ps3 controller.

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Huh, how do you walk/run or do smash attacks with this controller? Is the dpad pressure sensitive or something?

It’s a dpad but by default on Switch it’s mapped to left analog inputs. You can change it with some hotkeys if you want.

So for smash specifically:
It’s a full tilt so every press is always a full on run. Press with A = smash attack.

I don’t play smash competitively outside of with friends and I prefer the dpad but I can definitely see why someone would not want to use it for smash.

This is really interesting, but II already see Tekken players saying it should be banned.

Tekken could probably patch the issue but yea atm it allows you to very easily do something that would normally require you to do something pretty uncomfortable with the d-pad and analog stick on a controller.

apparently this is basically a more mass produced version of a stick marvel player fullschedule had

honestly i think unless they make these things as affordable as regular fight sticks (hitboxes are ridic expensive lol) this just gives people a stupid monetary advantage and thats an awful precedent to set.

At $200USD the hitbox seems to fall into the same price range as most of the sticks that committed FGC folks tend to recommend (although the foreign shipping is pretty ridiculous), and you can find cheaper alternatives, like the MakeStick Pro HitBox Style.

I’m personally considering buying the hitbox layout variant of thee TEK case or something similar:

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Got to say I am absolutely loving the new Samurai Shodown after the balance patches. They did a fantastic job with these and I’m seeing a huge variety of characters when I play online be it in casual or ranked.

SNK really has the right mindset for this to keep the game fun, instead of nerfing characters too much they just make weak things from other characters better, it’s perfect.

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The new Guilty Gear for 2020 is looking like it’s toning down a lot of the more advanced mechanics like Danger Time and changing the way its “Roman Cancel” system works. There’s less emphasis on long combos and keeping someone down on the ground, or even the corner, given there are now wall-breaks/stage transitions. It seems they’re doing a lot of things to make the game more appealing to newcomers, but I suppose now some people are worrying that it might discourage fans of the older titles. It’s obviously still very early to say what will happen, and the development team said on their livestream that they will be listening to feedback very closely. I’m pretty optimistic overall as someone who isn’t all that invested in Guilty Gear (yet, I actually just picked up Revelator 2 on sale a couple of weeks ago), so I’ll be keeping a close eye on how the game turns out.

I don’t actually like that song in the trailer though.

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Can never help but feel pessimistic whenever I see stuff like the new Guilty Gear footage, but it’s still difficult to tell for a number of reasons, like, a) I haven’t played it, b) the characters they’ve chosen to show so far are (mostly) what you could call “honest” (relative to the average Guilty Gear character), and c) the game actually looks much less finished than I was expecting.

That said, I’m getting the impression that they’re not only trying to simplify things, but they also seem like they’re trying to just get rid of a lot of what you might call “bullshit.” Problem is I think that I think plenty of “bullshit” has been accepted as a core concept for the franchise by Guilty Gear players. Is blocking Millia bullshit? Yes. Do GG players get mad when they’re in the corner versus a Millia player? Yes. Do they actually want that stuff straight up removed? Doesn’t seem like it.

I dunno. Xrd got the same reception when it first got shown. Plenty of GG pros in Japan just kept playing +R for a while. This does seem more severe so far, though. Like, no, your game doesn’t need a bunch of different character weights, wakeup/oki timings, etc., but I think people are just hoping they don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. There’s this ongoing quest to gain some mythical “newcomer” market and I’m not sure if it has ever worked when an established franchise has tried it. All it ever seems to do is piss off the people who were already there.

If they want me to learn how to get better at Guilty Gear and to come to grips with their systems and mechanics then all they really have to do is give the game a netcode that doesn’t suck so I can actually play online and learn in an environment that doesn’t feel like crap. I’d still hate the abundance of character specific stuff but at least I’d be able to practice things consistently.

I’ve been wanting to get more into traditional 2d fighters, so I think the new Guilty Gear will be a good jumping in point, even if it’s a little too simple to some veterans. I know there are lots of other games out there, but the thought of jumping into a game that’s over a year old is kind of scary, especially after getting into Smash Ultimate from Day 1. Like, DBFZ seems way cool, but it’s almost 2 years old at this point.

The songs from the trailers are hot garbage, but also seem like the best kind of butt rock? Idk.

My wife is going to grad school next year, so we’re going to be on a much stricter budget, especially for games, so I’m going to focus on playing JRPGs and Fighters exclusively since they’ll be the most bang for our buck.

There will also be Granblue early next year which I believe they’re planning on having the words “jumping in point” on the box.

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If you want bang for buck can i recommend a little ditty i like to call SKULLGIRLS?
if you have any love of hyperfighters and tag mechanics you cant do much better than this since marvel capcom 2, and its on sale so often that you can pick it up for the price of a soda. theres still an online community and yes most of them are killers but as a jumping in point for hyper fighters the tutorials are pretty good and its so stylish ive completely fallen in love with it.
Skullgirls being good isnt exactly new info but just incase ill sing some praises here

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That’s all of GG’s music. It’s absolutely not my genre but I love all of Xrd’s soundtrack. They have a very specific style which is that someone told the drummer and guitarist to just go fucking nuts.

Full version of Smell of the Game is now on Spotify.