A Fighting Game Thread: For Beginners to Veterans

I’ve looked into it, and I’m interested because it’s cheap! But I also feel like if I’m going to get into an older game I’d rather put the time into DBFZ. I might check out the discord for Skullgirls and see how many beginners there are, though!

I saw the trailer for this, but the characters look really boring to me? They just look like generic fantasy royalty. Like I love Smash, but if every character looked like Chrom I probably wouldn’t play it. However, maybe it’ll be really good? And picking it up would probably help when GG comes out anyway!

The soundtrack in Xrd is a massive step down from GGX and XX.

I’m not really into Smash, but this direct made me realize I would be SUPER into it with slightly more fighting game mechanics and stages like the Terry one.

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I’ve recently gotten the the urge to try and jump into fighting games again, after dipping my toes in FighterZ last year.

Currently the only console I have access to is my switch, so I’m REALLY looking forward to Samurai Shodown’s port. Hopefully the performance is alright, I don’t really mind if the visuals are toned down to compensate. My main concern is what the community will be like, as it doesn’t sound like it’s that big at the moment, and the switch is definitely not going to suddenly become the main platform.

I cant stand smash but im glad its introducing a generation of people to ARE YOU OKAY? BUSTER WOLF

Terry asked you a QUESTION MARIO


Seeing Terry vs. Ryu and Ken makes me want a new CVS. What a fantastic game.



I’m liking Terry quite a bit in Smash. For whatever reason, I think doing his command inputs is a lot easier than doing them for Ryu and Ken. His attacks are also harder hitting for the most part, since it’s quite hard to nail that sweet spot for Ryu and Ken’s respective shoryukens, and I often end up with a weak move that is easily punished or counterhit.

Also to be honest, the inputs for Terry afford you a degree of flexibility with mashing them out. Folks like to point to Smash as a game with simple controls, but as soon as you want to learn a little bit more, it gets just as complicated really quickly. Doing a B-reverse (and the associated “wavebounce” maneuver, which is a B-reverse and reverse-B input sequentially, not to be confused with Captain Falcon’s reversed Falcon Punch) or advancing back-air attack (called “reverse aerial rush” by the community) asks you to make some rather difficult motions on the controller. One time online I even asked someone if they could do an advancing short hop neutral air attack and they couldn’t. Many of the inputs in Smash do ask you to be quite precise, or you risk throwing out the wrong move that you didn’t intend to, and leaving yourself open to counter-attack as a result (for example something simple like meaning to do a down-tilt poke but then accidentally doing a laggy down-smash move).


It’s not the high-level techniques that scare casual players off of fighting games. People button mash in basically every fighting game because they’re frustrated and have no idea what to do. And great tutorials don’t seem to help the problem much on their own. Fighting games just don’t behave the way people expect if they’re coming from other action games. Just moving and attacking feels awkward and clunky to people who’ve have no experience with the genre, and trying to get used to the basics while your opponent keeps putting you in hitstun for several seconds at a time is extremely frustrating.

If you want to attract casual players you need to add features that appeal to casual players, not take out features that appeal to pros. Ranked Starcraft is a highly technical, execution heavy 1v1 game that takes a ton of skill, but there’s plenty to do if you’re not interested in that.


Alright y’all, I did the ding-dang thing. After posting here for a few months I finallu bought Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2. Reading this piece by Patrick Miller convinced me that GG was the series I wanted to get into. This game really allows you to dip your feet in and learn the systems/combos/gameplay situations slowly and effectively! It feels like so much, but has allowed me to explore at my own pace. I’ve also been watching the Guilty Gear Crash Course videos, which have been helpful. While the movement and inputs of Smash are vastly different, I feel like it’s helped me understand a lot of fundamentals of fighting games in a more free-form system. I didn’t expect that, so that’s cool! There are no local tourneys for this game where I live now (it’s all Smash), so I’ll probably hit up the Discord to find online casual matches when I’m ready to make that jump.

I also picked up Garou Mark of the Wolves for Switch because it was $4, so I’ll try that out soon!

Hell yes. Garou owns. :smiley:


Garou also has the best Terry:




Puts on discourse-proof HAZMAT suit

Put Bridget in Guilty Gear 2020 you cowards.

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Back when they had a popularity vote to add a character to Xrd Bridget came in like second behind Dizzy. I want to say I would be surprised if they weren’t in the new one, but also Arc still hasn’t shown a character who wasn’t already in Xrd (other than the new guy at the end of the Evo trailer) so I dunno.

Surgeon Faust looks a lot creepier now compare to lab coat Faust. I’m hoping the change means they’ll be bringing back Fanny or something. But also it’s cool because it kind of harkens back to some of the tone of the very first game a little more so I’m excited to try this out now.

THAT said, I don’t know, it’s ASW so $$$-wise I’ll probably wait until the second revision or so before I pick it up.



You love to see it

Guilty Gear is really, really difficult, and with a new GG coming out next year I don’t really feel like the investment in learning this will be worth it. That said, after watching more gameplay I’m pretty sold on Granblue and I’ll pick it up.

Also: Garou MOTW is great. I’ve just been playing the arcade mode on Switch, but I’m probably going to buy the online version for PS4 because I’m enjoying it so much.

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Oki? That’s a paddlin’
Rushdown? That’s a paddlin’
Grappling? That’s a paddlin’
Zoning? You better believe that’s a paddlin’

My galaxy brain theory of setplay is that new players would have a lot less of a problem with it if it looked like neutral, since the “core fantasy” of fighting games is generally one in which two fighters are trading blows back and forth.

I once saw someone dismiss DBFZ by sarcastically saying “You know what my favourite episode of DBZ is? The one where Goku stands against a wall blocking for 30 minutes straight” and while that’s obviously super reductive I think it speaks to a certain truth about people’s perception of what fighting games are, and how that can clash with the reality of what fighting games are once they start playing.

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I haven’t played it in forever but if you get it on PS4, my PSN is NeoRasa if you want to be SNK friends. I fuckin’ love SNK games lol

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