A Fighting Game Thread: For Beginners to Veterans

Yeah I’m down! It’s actually on sale for $6, so I’ll buy it and add you later today. My PSN is similar to this I’m pretty sure? I’ll find out later

It’s absolutely wild to me that this is something that a person in Harada’s position can just tweet lol.

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Tekken 7 is better than Tekken x Street Fighter would be at this point. They may as well just keep adding characters to that instead.

Buff :clap: Trans :clap: Seth :clap:


So, as someone who hasn’t played Tekken since 5 and is starting to get an itch to get back into fighting games, I’m a little lost as to how it works. I can see they have 3 seasons of DLC with characters and stages. What’s the best route back in and does it still play much like 4 or 5? Seems like there’s a lot of new stuff that happened in 6 and Tag 2.

I want Tekken vs Street Fighter to happen so that Karin can be in a game that’s actually good.

I take offence to that.

Alpha is a great series.

Trans twitter (esp trans fgc twitter) has been having an absolute blast these last 24h.

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Alpha 3 does indeed absolutely rule but that was a long time ago even for me. :smiley:

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Tekken 7 is 63% off on Steam, fighting friends.


The two characters I’m gravitating towards the most in Tekken have turned out to be in an Arrogant Blonde Femme/Rowdy Burnette Tomboy rivalry, and I think that’s beautiful.


Tekken 7 is in the midst of adding a handful of QoL features like frame data, punishment training, and what sounds to be a robust replay system that tells you how you could’ve done better? Having a replay system at all makes learning so much better, but the added stuff sounds really intriguing.

Tekken has always been esoteric and hard to get into (even for FG fans), but with the popularity of 7, it seems like Bamco is having a change of heart and finally letting the game guide you. I think it’s bar-none the most exciting fighting game to both watch and play, so I’m glad that the on-ramp is being built.

Also, this Mokujin that helps you train is very cute.


I think Tekken can actually be more fun for complete novices than, say, Street Fighter.

Not because the game isn’t complex or intricate, but because when you panic-mash the attack buttons your feet aren’t glued to the ground. It sounds like a minor thing, but that “sticky” feeling can be really off-putting at first.

There’s also a much lower chance of you dying from being fireballed in the face 100 times.


It’s interesting because I think almost every 3D fighting game is easier to play in a “casual” setting than your average 2D game, but once you cross that threshold into “kinda” knowing what to do in fighting games, 3D becomes horrifying. That’s how my experience was, at least. I went from being okay at Third Strike and SFIV to being a suck factory in T7.

The journey to be better might’ve been smoother from experience, but there’s a lot of things that get in your head while you’re trying to move your character efficiently or use your HUNDREDS of moves effectively.

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I think it’s also a little less that it’s easier and more that even if you’re doing “badly” at a 3D game, because of the influence of the Tekken series itself you’re still doing cool looking movies fluidly. Compare to how strict the timing is on many combos for Street Fighter 4 as an example or how demanding King of Fighters XIII can be. You mess up in one of those games you see it reflected on screen immediately because you’re already getting punished.

People say Korean Back Dashing is hard but I’ve played a lot of polyrhythmic drum beats on one of these. As soon as I get my hitbox it’s over for you ■■■■■■■.


I’ve gotten back into Tekken 7 in a real way lately and it is 100% thanks to the new combo guide and the punishment training.

I’ve mostly played anime fighters before and Tekken hadn’t really clicked in my brain until now. The new training stuff just sort of filled in the blanks for me and I think I’m starting to get it (other than the movement haha still working on that bit).

I also picked up Leroy and am enjoying how he plays. He feels pretty well rounded and I find him easier to play as I have trouble executing wave dash motions and he doesn’t use them. The downside is that now I’m split between him and King. I love my big dumb wrestle man, but I find him more difficult.


As much as I’m enjoying Tekken, fuck this:


Charging for frame data display is definitely a bad look, even if it was included in the season 3 pass that I already bought. It should have been free, not because other games that added frame data display post-release offered them for free as that invites arguments of false equivalence. Who knows how much more work it is for the devs to implement this in a game like Tekken compared to those other games and whether the devs deserve to be compensated more by charging players.

But I believe that it’s a cost that Bandai Namco should have been willing to eat for the long term continued success of the game and to maintain the good will of their fans. I just wouldn’t want to be in the position of a dev trying to convince the higher-ups in suits of a big Japanese game publisher to allocate time and budget to add a feature post-release without charging for it.

I will say that the features that they did decide to make completely free like the punishment training are way more useful for new players than frame data display. Players often have the misconception that memorizing frame data is crucial to getting better in fighting games and get discouraged in doing so, but to reach a competent level you really only need to understand the basic concepts of frame advantage/disadvantage, how to defend against moves, and how to punish moves that are punishable.

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Even though it was constantly being outdated by patches and DLC updates, the fact that a free, fanmade frame data display already existed was the part that rubbed me the wrong way. TekkenBot was a hassle, but it was a hassle I probably would’ve paid the modder for before Bamco (I mean, I did pay for it, but that’s just because I got the season pass).

I’m not sure if the colored “blue = advantage/red = disadvantage!” display is part of this DLC, but for beginners that seems like both the best way to present the information and plenty to go off of at an entry-level.

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