A First-Person Adventure Is One of the Coolest Mario Maker Levels Yet

Super Mario Maker 2 is, at its core, a toolset to make Mario levels, places where you jump around a screen, typically from left to right. What people actually do with it, however, is whatever the hell they want. Take the remarkable “3D Maze House (P59-698-55G)” by creator ねぎちん a level somehow manages to credibly re-create the experience of playing a first-person (!!) adventure game like Wizardy, something Nintendo cleary never intended. Yet here we are.

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This is so cool.

i thought i was looking at snes smt in that view panel for a moment there, but no, that’s just very, very good tile art.

Seeing all these cools levels Patrick showcases here and on Mario Maker Mornings is giving me that similar feeling I had when he did the original Mario Maker Mornings which led me to buying a Wii U and Mario Maker. I don’t know how long my wallet can withstand the barrage of cool, exciting, fun levels.


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