A Fortnight of Fortnite: Now Accepting Questions for Waypoint 101

Here’s a thread to act as a companion for the Waypoint Series a Fortnite of Fortnite!

Please post tips, pointers, tricks, etc.

As people provide helpful links/info I’ll update this OP.


This is going to be two weeks of streams followed by a Waypoint 101

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Long time Twitch watcher, first time poster, ha!

Think of Fortnite as a giant grided cube where you can build mats on said cube and add to it.

Your goal is to have the load-out needed to win the endgame boss fight, because there always will be someone who knows how to play in the end. Kill the boss you win. (everyone else is hiding or doesn’t know what they’re doing and are easy kills) Crouching gives you better aim, not moving for 1 second gives you pin point accuracy (new from this patch)

You have 5 item slots. To start you want:

  1. AR or Scar
    2: Shotgun (Stick with auto or heavy shotguns for now. Pumps require a higher sense of accuracy)
    3: RPG or Egg Launcher or Minigun (to break fort) (use RPG as your shotgun if you have a lot of shells)
    4: HP or shields
    5: HP or shields

Most people just horde loot and end up as loot crates for other players . ALWAYS HEAL TO 100%. I don’t care if i have 90hp, I’ll use that medkit because it’s the difference between a won and lost fight usually. Being conservative is the quickest way to death. When i’m fighting for my life i will use everything i have to make it to the next fight. Once you get better you can replace hp/shields with boogey bombs, pulse nades, snipers, etc.

least rare: grey, green, blue, purple, orange :most rare

The fastest way to learn building is to make a mini fortress. As soon as you hear shots, or stop moving, (never stop moving) build 4 walls around you and then hop up and place stairs inside. Keep building this mini fortress over and over. You’ll get faster and faster, then stack it 3 high.

My hotkey load out for building is…

left tab: floors
q: walls
e: stairs
f: pick up items
left alt: heal wall

Once you get use to building a fort, start building a door by pressing g on a wall, click two vertical squares and confirm. That is your escape route. Your walls are a weapon. People forget that. Use them to block shots, place traps, and ramp toward your enemy.

Dive near sea level so you land first. To land in area’s with mild spice but lots of loot I go to 4 areas depending on the bus route. (usually the furthest point away from the route)

  1. Prison (and if you’re in the circle, loop to moisty mire and farm the wood and chests there)
  2. Withering Woods (Land at the maze and then arc north) You will find chests on the cliffs and farms
  3. Miku Village (has no name so i named it) It’s the city just northeast of Flush Factory
  4. Miku Villiage North (has no name so i named it) It’s the city just east of Junk Junction

All these areas are great for squads and have lots of loot. Just pay attention to the circle.

Wood: Wood pallets and thique tree’s are the best for wood
Brick: Stones are the best way to get brick
Metal: Trucks and containers are the best way to get metal
Don’t waste your time farming walls.

When you’re farming materials keep in mind people are watching. False sense of security is the number one way to die. So when smacking a tree, make sure to never destroy it, take it only down to 50 so they don’t see you from afar.

Mini shields take you to 50
Jumbo shields heal 50 but can take you to 100
Slurps: heals 25 hp and shield
Legendary Glurp: Heals you fully
Bandages take you to 75
Medkits fully heal

Endgame: Have 300 wood and 300 brick
I win by choosing my fights carefully. Usually at around 7ish players i’ll make my move to the highest point of the circle and start building. Building too early makes you the number one target. i dash to my spot and make a fort of brick or metal 3 stacks high. I’ll add traps to my walls, and then depending on my load-out, I’ll rocket my way or shoot to a win. I’ll usually have 4-7 kills by endgame.

Loon Crates, llamas, and Vending Machines
It’s important you go for the loons. Mostly because the most powerful wep in the game is the legendary rocket launcher and you can only get them from crates. Keep an eye out for pinata llamas, they give you a bounty full of loot. If you find a vending machine with a rocket launcher, farm it. Rockets win games.

Get the Battlepass
It’s only 10 bucks, but it encourages you to do strats and go to places you wouldn’t normally visit. You should before each stream check out the missions and base your game around them. It’s fun!

Hope that helps! Stay Awesome! *air5!


To add to MintLemonades post, when faced with carrying healing or shields it is usually preferable to take the shields. When you get shot it depletes shields first and they are very quick to reapply. You can pop mini-shields in the middle of a fight since they only take two seconds to drink and give you 25 “hp” each.

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Here’s some more specific techniques that are worth knowing:

  • Weapons always spawn with a full mag of ammo.You cannot remove ammo from a gun once it has been loaded. If you run out of ammo, try just picking up random guns on the ground. Keeping empty guns in your inventory is bad. A loaded white gun is always gonna beat an empty purple gun!

  • Weapon switching is super fast. This is very useful for slow-firing and slow-reloading guns like bolt action snipers and pump shotguns. A lot of players will carry around 2 or 3 shotguns/snipers, because you can fire one and immediately switch to the next gun without having to wait for the pump/bolt. You can also use a pump shotgun to score a heavy first hit (80+ damage), and then switch to a tactical shotgun or SMG to finish off your opponent.

  • Glider auto-deploy is based on your distance above the ground, not your altitude. To land faster, you should dive towards the ocean or a river until your glider deploys, and then use the glider to fly over to your destination.

  • In many cases, a ramp is more useful than a wall. Height advantage is very important. A ramp lets you take cover while seeing over the ramp in 3rd-person, and looking up over the ramp to take a shot. You can also use walls on the front/side of your ramp to reinforce it.

  • Build before you shoot! Always make sure you have some cover before you start shooting. If you don’t have a rock or hill to hide behind, build something!

  • Don’t waste time breaking your own walls or your teammates’ walls. Instead, hit the modify key and add a door or window.

  • The default keybindings suck. The first thing you should do is rebind ramp and wall to somewhere that’s easier to access. You can look at https://bestfortnitesettings.com/ if you want to see what the “pros” use.


This is extremely relevant to my interests. Cannot wait to catch up on the streams and hear the Waypoint 101.

Since we’re all talking Fortnite strategy, what are people’s preferred control setup for consoles? I’m seeing other posters mention PC key-bindings, but should build strategies differ on console with limited options for binding structures to buttons? Also, does anyone else tense up and involuntarily crouch when in a combat situation? Honestly, my survivability would go up significantly if I could switch the jump and crouch inputs.

Finally, how to strategies change on the mobile version? I’ve messed around with it and never bother to build due to the cramped inputs there. Has anyone gotten good at building the 1x1 fort on that platform?

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i do know some of the more successful players on console use the pyramid ramps instead of classic stairs. The reason for this is because it’s easier to modify pyramids into ramps on console. Pyramid ramps also spawn faster and are easier to edit for escapes routes.

Might be something worth exploring more.

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hi all! i have just started playing, so i don’t have any tips. i’m moving across the country in a few weeks and promised my ten year old brother that i would learn to play so that we can play together once i’m gone.

so far i have been tempted to climb on the roofs of buildings in towns and construct up there. is it generally more useful to build on existing structures or to make your own forts in the middle of nowhere?

From what I’ve seen, the key is being able to throw together a multi story tower pretty reflexively when needed. Allows you to dictate play and control that area.

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Real basic stuff:

Keep call-outs minimalist. The top compass is good for directions like PUBG, so that’s good for that.

Location calls are normally just the first word - tilted, tomato, so on. Item calls just go for colour + weapon - green pump, orange rocket, etc. Streaming community call outs are pretty set for a lot of other stuff too - swoops for jump pads, camps for campfires, and building call outs are similar to PUBG too (butt huts, towers, so on).

Just because an item’s a better colour tier doesn’t make it better. The scoped rifle is widely avoided, for instance, but is the second highest tier. Oh, and pistols are pretty much trash tier, and shotguns top tier.

You can hear chests from a good distance. Typically, they’re above or below you. As with Minecraft, never pick what you can’t see in case you break the chest - build wood ramps there instead or find stairs.

Place flat platforms below you as you slide down mountain sides to prevent fall damage.

Chug jugs are great when you’re safe - and only then. Mini and medium shields are always preferred carries.

Build around downed players before going for a res.

Materials have build speeds - wood is fastest, brick is medium, metal slow. If you’re building a sniper tower, go brick. Res a downed player? Brick. Climbing for a roof chest? Wood. Got loads of time to dig in? Metal.


This is all GREAT y’all! Thanks so much for all the tips so far!


I’ve been playing Fortnite Battle Royale since it released in September. I’ve mainly played on the PS4, but I’m starting to get used to PC controls since they optimized the game to run on more low end machines. I do have some tips that I’ve learned that I would like to share.

If you’re playing on PC, check out your mouse sensitivity, for some reason, it’s very sensitive by default. Definitely mess with those settings and your mouse’s DPI settings as well if you have that. One tip from folks is that you should be able to move the camera 360 degrees in one large motions. Usually from the left side of your mouse pad to the right and vice versa. This, of course, is 100% up to you as many folks have their own preferences.

If you’re on console, give Combat Pro a shot. You change weapons/building pieces with the shoulder buttons, Triangle is a shortcut to your harvesting tool and your previous weapon. I think Combat Pro is very beginner friendly and it’s easier to switch weapons rather than hitting triangle to cycle through your options.

Also in the options are two really nice settings called Turbo Building and Reset Building Choice.

Turbo Building will automatically build the next piece while holding down the button. Need a quick four walls to surround you? Just hold R2/LMB and move your camera 360 degrees. You got yourself a quick fort and you can heal behind cover. It’s really easy and takes out the stress of having to build quickly. Just hold the button and aim.

Reset Building Choice is useful for console players. Since there’s not hotkey to go to a specific piece, Reset Building Choice automatically select your wall when you go back to building mode. I like this because walls are so important. It blocks shots and gives you cover when you need it. After that I just got muscle memory on how many presses to tab over to my other pieces and react quickly. I recommend giving it a shot.

As Mint mentioned above, don’t farm walls, if you’re in a house, farm the objects inside instead if you’re alone. Fridges take two swings, most of the cupboards take one, I’ve walked out of a house with 100 wood and some stone which is great to start out with, especially if you’re in a spicy area. And as you’re moving, take two or three swings at trees or until they’re 50% cause just standing there makes you an easy target. I was able to sneak up on players, just because they were standing in the same spot out in the open gathering wood.

I found an article that lists the weapons and their stats, so if you want to see some numbers on your weapons, definitely give it a read.


Oh hey, this looks cool

Really curious how this will work out. I think it would be useful to get folks started with a small fort and then allow players to build on top of that. I’m curious if it will cost you building materials or not.

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So what modes to peeps prefer? Solo, duo, squad? Or do you just jump from LTM to LTM?

I prefer to roll with a squad of people I know, but lately I’ve been playing mostly solo to hone my one-on-one combat skills. So far it’s slow going, as while I have a pretty decent grasp of engagement and building strategy, I just feel like my reflexes are nowhere near what is needed to hang with the playerbase. The hard part for me is building under stress and taking good shots. Anyone else feeling this way?

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In terms of starting locations, some of my personal favorites are Flush Factory, Haunted Hills, and the prison.

Flush Factory has a lot of loot (especially since they recently greatly increased then number of chests that spawn there), is far enough off the beaten path that it doesn’t get much traffic, and gives you a lot of options about where to go next when you’re done. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll push towards the industrial area immediately to the northeast. It’s loaded with stuff, but unlike Flush people usually go there, so there’s a good chance I’ll get into a fight. But if you win, you’ll be sitting on a fat pile of weapons - and the area is filled with wooden pallets, which are some of the best wood farming items in the game. You can emerge pretty decked out with both weapons and materials.

Haunted Hills, much like Flush, has a lot of chests (including a few that are hidden away - like the one in the top of the church tower and the one in the sealed mausoleum on the western edge) and not much traffic, so it’s a good spot to go to if you want to load up without getting into a huge fight. The primary disadvantage of Haunted is that if bad luck strikes and you’re far away from the circle, you may have to make a run through Pleasant Park, which is a highly dangerous location.

The prison is good because it has a decent amount of loot, isn’t usually too spicy, and depending on the circle, allows for a quick trip down to Moisty Mire to pick up more weapons and (crucially) farm for wood. The largest trees in Moisty can easily give you 100+ wood, making them the biggest wood drops in the game outside of a llama. The waist-deep swamp water makes it difficult to navigate quickly, though, and you don’t want to be caught out in the open if hostiles show up.

For item loadout, I start feeling confident if I have 100 shield, 100 health, a decent rifle and shotgun, restorative items (mini shields are excellent because they can be used quickly and you can carry up to 10), and some sort of special item like a sniper rifle or egg launcher. Don’t bother with crossbows, and don’t try to start a fight with a minigun - they’re good for putting the pressure on a player who’s already on the defensive, but you’re so exposed while you’re firing it that you’ll probably just get dropped unless you already have the advantage.

Endgame strategies: hiding and keeping a low profile can get you to the top 10 if you’re lucky, but it won’t get you a Victory Royale unless you’re very lucky. To get a win, you’re going to need to fight and fight well.

I can’t overstate the importance of good positioning in fights, especially the endgame. Have the high ground whenever possible. That means setting up on mountains, hilltops, houses, towers, anything that can give you the edge on your opponents. But beware of the storm, because if it pushes you out of there then things can go south very quickly as you scramble to find a new position. (If you have a launchpad, that’s the time to use it.) That’s why I like to set up as close to the center of the circle as I safely can, because it maximizes my chances of still being inside the next one.

When it comes to building, first of all I prefer wood for in-combat building. It starts with the most HP and also gains HP the fastest, as well as being the most plentiful. (All constructions take a few seconds to fully solidify, with wood being the fastest to do so and metal being the slowest.) If I have enough stone or metal, then I’ll start using that to set up forts if I think I have enough time, because they’re more resilient and can absorb more damage before breaking - but I’ll still switch to wood when the pressure’s on.

The most basic defensive fortification you can make is a ramp with a wall in front of it. The ramp is your firing position, from which you pop up and shoot, and the wall is there as extra reinforcement to make sure people can’t just shoot your ramp to pieces. Ideally I’ll also set up a wall on either side of me to protect my flanks, and one behind me if I’m worried about them looping around on me.

That’s for quick engagements. For a proper fort, do basically the same four-walls-and-a-ramp structure, but stack them on top of each other, ascending with each level, so they form a tower. Beware of people attacking the base, because if there’s nothing supporting it then the whole thing will collapse. And if you have spike traps, it doesn’t hurt to place one or two inside the top, so that anyone who tries to use ramps to enter your fort and attack you will be in for a very pointy surprise.

Also, get used to editing your constructions. Make windows and doors in your walls so you can shoot through them or escape quickly, edit your ramps to allow you to quickly ascend through the levels of your own tower, make holes in your floors so that you can kill people below you. One thing that’s useful to remember is that when you’re in edit mode, the construction turns transparent for you, so you can see through and spot anyone on the other side without them seeing you.

For actual shooting, try not to fire wildly right after coming out of a sprint. Your weapon accuracy will be all over the place and you’ll be lucky to land one shot. Get cover, crouch, pause for a moment, and then start squeezing off shots. You’ll be much more accurate, and hence much more likely to drop your opponent.

Shotgun bunny-hopping fights are extremely dangerous and basically guaranteed to end with one of you going down, unlike longer-range engagement where retreat can be a viable option. I try not to engage in them unless I’ve already softened up my opponent, because I honestly can’t pretend to be especially good at them, nor do I find them particularly fun.

Those are the main things I can think of offhand, without getting really deep into the nitty-gritty of weapon selection and specific building tactics. Beware of ramp rushers (people who build ramps in the air and run along them to charge your position), always call out targets to your teammates, and beware of the storm.


Things from todays stream:

Make sure guns always loaded. Weapon rarity is white, green, blue, purple, gold. They aren’t necessarily better the higher rarity though. Best weapons are shotguns, snipers, Burst/M16 ARs, rockets, grenade launchers.

Have to reload guns and be ready to fight at all times, always have gun out. Stay together, land together and fan out if no one is around.

Practice building and shooting in PVE, earlier you guys play some games of PvE, the sooner you’ll improve in PvP.

Land late, take the bus all the way and land on the edge of a map in an area, they’re less populated. Best places are Flush Factory, the houses in the NE, Moisty Mire/Prison, Haunted Hills/Junk Junction.

No need to break down treasure chests. I know someone said that yesterday but for 6 wood its pointless. Should break down trees/pallets for wood, containers/cars/RVs for steel and the rock formations for brick. Anything else doesn’t give enough to the waste of time of breaking it down.


I think most stuff has been covered so far, but I’d just say an important fundamental is sticking together as a team. It’s super easy to wander apart and end up downed far away from your buddies. This isn’t really fortnite-specific, but it’s something I’ve run into with my friends. Teams flank all the time in this game, and having teammates watching for that will help too.

You can also build walls through stairs when they’re building, which is an added layer of protection.

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50 v 50 is back baybee! I absolutely recommend the crew check it out. With only half the playercount trying to kill you the game becomes a lot more forgiving and open to experimentation. Plus, with the increased mining rate it’s the perfect mode to practice building.


The key to winning is having the best emotes.