A Fortnight of Fortnite: Now Accepting Questions for Waypoint 101


After watching the first 3 days would you all ever consider squadding with a member from the community? i think it would go a long way in getting a good game sense for Fortnite! Keep at it all!


I think that’s a fantastic idea, although I do see them wanting to sit as a group and learn on their own. But maybe during the last few days, do some community squads? I wonder if Epic could give them the ability to do custom games?


That would be a lot of fun. I’m an avid player on PS4 and would enjoy helping the team improve. I also hope they are enjoying the game, because I have been hooked since September.


So Epic is dealing with a massive database failure for the last six hours and their recent tweet has been met with vitriol and some racism. Game Devs work hard and when things break, they’re usually met with this. I feel like this would be an opportune moment to show the team that we care about them over the game. Maybe send a tweet or an email letting them know that you appreciate their efforts.
CW for some casual racism in the replies


I did this. IDK If they’ll even see it (if they muted that tweet), but even more than the tweet itself the thought process of figuring “what is the ridiculously positive thing I would say to the most embattled social media manager in gaming in this moment” was a nice bit of positive energy to send out into the world



I am currently one and half nights behind so I don’t know if what I have to say has been discussed, but I wanted to share a couple things for everyone.

My first tip is for people like me who played PUBG a lot before Fortnite. In PUBG it is very easy to go through 3 houses and only find a pistol. So there is a tactic in PUBG when landing to kinda “claim your group of houses” for yourself. In Fortnite it is very rare to ever go through a house and not find a gun. So when landing, even in squads. It is okay for the whole squad to land at like two houses -even in a big city-. This allows you to stay together. Which is veeeery important at the start. Try to get everyone in your squad a gun at the start AND immediately go at the enemies who landed with you. Mine a few resources on the way over. The faster you kill them the more time you have to loot and mine. This becomes easier as you remember floor spawns and chest spawns. I am against telling people the “right” way to play, but I find this tactic to be a great learning experience for all aspects of the game.

The second tip I want to bring up is stairs. Any time you put up a wall towards enemies. Put up stairs. Use the 3rd person camera to peek over and keep an eye on them. You don’t want to needlessly blind yourself. They are also key when pushing on enemies. It gives you both cover and height advantage.

You can also build walls through stairs. So if someone is firing rockets. As the wall breaks you can just place a new one as you stand on the stairs. And if you miss? well the stair is there acting as a second line of defense.

I play this game a bunch so I will continue to add more as the Fortnite progresses!

I am also up to play with anyone if they need more of a guide!


Played some of this just now folks.

Am amazed at it’s ability to make me think “wow I really wish I was playing PUBG right now”, considering I’ve never once played PUBG.

That said, the level of polish is quite lovely. All the little visual cues and the general smoothness of it all is nice enough that I wouldn’t have thaught it was early access.

I’ll probably hop in a few times throughout this Fortnight of Fortnite, but I can’t see myself keeping on after that I don’t think.


In honor of Rob going ALL IN on Fortnite and becoming the team’s strategy master:

Rob Zacny’s “Strategize My Life” is the gamer version of Queer Eye.

“Susan is constantly harried by the Spartans. Rob and his Tactical Three will give Susan a whole new perspective on combat and give her army a makeover!”

coming this Spring to Disney XD.


Same for me, a lot of times I take bad shots under pressure because I get so startled and I never build on defense which is totally crucial. I think just more practice and jumping into spicy zones is the best to work out the nerves. I think it was one of the Breakfast and Battlegrounds streams with Will Smith where it was mentioned if you never go into spicy zones then you’ll never get the combat practice you’ll need to survive at the end of the match. Thankfully it’s so easy to jump back into matches that I never feel like time was waisted when running into a crazy firefight.


console and PC players are separated online, right? seems like mapping stuff to mouse buttons for building would give a huge advantage to those on PC.


They are not pooled together unless someone in your party is playing on PC. So in crossplay duos one of the two players is on a console and the other is on PC. Squads can obviously range from one to three PC players in crossplay matches.


I definitely need more spicy practice. The only issue is that the spiciest zone is Tilted, which doesn’t provide enough opportunities for combat building. Maybe that meteor will fix the issue?


Not to put you on blast, but I don’t think this is a particularly fair comment on Fortnite so much as it is something about the discourse around it.

I’ve not played Fortnite, but it is definitely out there, doing its own thing, while taking a certain inspiration from PUBG. It may have been closer in the beginning, but I think it has moved apart and has developed more of a distinctive identity. I’m less inclined towards it than I am PUBG, but I can see why someone would prefer one over the other. When I speak to my friends who love how colourful Overwatch is, Fortnite goes down a little smoother than PUBG does.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we, as a discoursing community, have done Fortnite something of a disservice by always having it being framed in a ‘Fortnite-versus-PUBG’ context, and if there might be a better way to think about it instead of purely in a product-competitive fashion. Games building off each other and developing new styles, practices, and genres is a beautiful process.

Basically, my pitch is ‘Fortnite is alright’ :wink:

(That said, playing PUBG or Fortnite with friends is always a great time – and Fortnite’s price is rather hard to beat…)


I will say I was being a bit more specific to me than that statement implies. It’s a fair summation of a lot of individual thaughts about what I wanted from the game I was currently playing, and knowing that PUBG has all that stuff. Like, I got to the top 12 or so recently, which ended with someone getting the jump on me by building one of those huge Stairway To Heaven kinda things while I was shooting at them. While I was thinking about the ways I could learn to counter that, everything I thaught of gave me the same reflexive feeling as being given work, which doesn’t bode well for my long-term enjoyment. And PUBG doesn’t have all the building stuff, so naturally I feel a bit of “man PUBG sounds good right about now”.

Which, all in all, is completely meaningless in a wider “discourse” kinda sense, just me being all “yo it’d be dope if this was a thing”. At best it’s an indicator that there’s a void of interest to be filled in the future by something cool.

Something more meaningful I reckon would be that neither game has particularly excelent Melee combat, which is something that would properly have me on board with a game in this genre.


(disclaimer: never played PUBG because of my oldish macbook, installing Fortnite i hope it runs ugh)

i totally wrote off Fortnite at first, but watching these streams has me appreciating it as its own entity. the main thing i keep thinking about is the difficulty of reconciling a faster pace / broader appeal with a building component that seems geared towards slower co-op play. it also gave me the thought of: what would a Tribes Battle Royale game be like? like, something that swings in a totally different direction from the tactical PUBG style.


How many medical supplies do I need?

I only ever dedicate one slot to meds unless I am finding no weapons. I won’t replace a medkit unless I have a full stack of bandages(15).

You can hold in one slot:

15 bandages
3 medkits
2 big shields
10 mini shields
1 Chug Jug

In squads, you only have 20 slots total to work with. So make sure you are consolidating these items whenever possible. This includes grenades too!

Attacking players and forts

Nothing throws more squads through a loop than a downed teammate. Try to get the drop on a squad if you can. If you can get a person on the other squad down, then your team has one of the greatest advantages you can have. The second they go down. Everyone should rush in.

Attacking people that have rockets and miniguns? Try to split up. The more building there is the less effective those types of weapons are.

A good tactic if you can’t down someone is to have one person sniping or firing rockets while everyone else charges. This forces people on the enemy squad to focus on rebuilding defenses or at the very least not poke their heads out to shoot your charging squadmates.

Other tips

  • Height is great but can ruin you. Fighting players and the storm while trying to go down a mountain is tough. If you are on a mountain and the next circle doesn’t go your way get down as fast as possible. Being on a mountain also makes you a huge target.

  • Try splitting up your bases at the end. Standard my buds usually have two people building a structure for themselves and then the other two build their own 1x1 towers. Helps to protect flanks and if someone is snuck up on then the team is compartmentalized.

  • If there is any chance to walk along the edge of the map to get to the next circle take it.

  • Players charging you via launchpad? Build up! They have a limited height they can reach and if they are forced to land below you then they just pretty much voluntarily put themselves in a bad position.

  • I am not great with the shotgun. I find it perfectly reasonable to use an AR for close range. Honestly, I find it easier sometimes.

  • Pinching happens a lot. Best way to prevent this is to make sure your area of the circle is clear. This sometimes requires going after teams that are in better ways than you. It is risky, but great way to learn the game in my opinion.

  • I recently hit 60 wins in squads. I don’t say this to boast. I say this because there is going to a lot of times when you die in this game to the luck of the circle or you just happen to walk into the middle of three teams. Don’t sweat the loses too much.

I play on Xbox and PC if you would like to play. I am more than happy to help new players.


Hey Waypoint crew, I’m still thinking of tips to post here, but I just wanted to say thank you for being willing to give Fortnite another chance after your initial doubts. It takes a lot to say, “hey, maybe I was wrong, I’m going to give this another go”, for real! I’m loving the streams, and it’s just reminded me why I love y’all. Peace! <3

PS: Austin yelling “what’s good, look at my rainbow glider!!” is extremely good & I love it


more gay chemtrails!


I just want to say, having all my cosmetic items that I bought be available across all platforms is great. Kinda wish PS4 would allow V-bucks to be cross platform, like with mobile, mac, pc, and Xbox. But it’s cool to load into the PC version and not have to buy that skin a second time.


I’m enjoying how the crew keeps changing. It keeps things fresh and gives it a different feel from Crowbar and Sickle. Also, that clip of Rob yesterday? Progamer strats.