A Game's Community Is Just as Important as What's On the Screen

Within the sphere of video games, we popularly consider "play" to mean directly playing the game itself, but there are other forms of play that we constantly engage in: the creation of fan works, conceptualizing strategies, or even just sharing stories of gameplay. Some games actively bank on this secondary mode of play, expecting a community to form around it to share stories and information.

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I knew nothing about Control until now, and the discussion about it on the podcast 10,000% sold me on it. Gimme that goofy, creepy stuff ASAP.


I dig that premise. But all the fire emblem stuff will be dead and buried by the time I play it. I didnt understand what was so funny about the tweets because I haven’t played the game. I appreciate the crew coming to tears with laughter over it, but I probably won’t play this game for at least six months if not a couple of years.
Theres a cost to be a part of these gaming communities and that’s buying games at or near release and being prepared to read wikis and watch streams and I’m just 100% not into that stuff.
I have not found a streamer or youtuber that I like in games (or almost anywhere). I feel like most gaming spaces aren’t for me, so with games like that monkey game theres 0% chance I enjoy it. I don’t binge play games anymore and I don’t typically buy at release. (The last game i bought on release day was the 3DS pokemon sapphire game). Gaming spaces move so fast, and if you’re an outsider getting in can be a huge task. Being part of these communities always sounds fun on podcasts though.


Control sounds like an SCP game in the best possible way. Like a lot of SCP “adaptations” that I’ve seen focus on the more “monstrous” stuff, but the best ones are always like “an attic that is impossible to enter”, “a glassless vending machine that vends never before seen food items”, or “A tape of a basketball game where the people inside the tape retain memory of the previous time the tape was played”. That’s The Good Shit. I was a bit disapointed that Astral Chain fell flat, but knowing that Control is as good as it is fills that void nicely.


I was going to mention the same thing - this sounds like a SCP adjacent game that focuses on some the actual cool stuff about all that, which is the weird one-off Happenings and the slightly inept bureaucracy built around studying and containing them. It’s a very strong sell for a game to me.

What does SCP stand for?

“Secure, Contain and Protect”, regarding the goal of finding all the Weird Shit and locking it the fuck up.

This is my first time hearing the term SCP game. What are some well known games in this area? Because it just sounds like a mission objective in a Rainbow Six game.
Edit nevermind. SCP is the name of an actual game I’d never heard of. I thought y’all were using it like a new genre.

SCP is mainly a wiki of horror fiction about an agency that tries to keep a bunch of supernatural creatures and artifacts contained. There’s also some games and other spin-off projects. Like most giant collaborative internet projects, it’s mostly kinda crap with some cool ideas here and there.

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SCP is basically a community run horror story website designed around a shadowy organization that locks up paranormal and weird shit. Being community based means the quality fluctuates from really great to really not great, but overall I think it’s fun.

There is a game called “ SCP Containment Breach” based on it, but it’s a very “indie horror game” game

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Control sounds a lot more interesting than I initially expected. I’ll definitely swing around and check it out once the PS4 performance is better.

This game feels very much like it taps into those sci-fi/supernatural monster/object of the week thing and I’m very about that. That’s a brand of TV that has such varying degrees of quality and from the sounds of it, CONTROL definitely has that bit nailed.

On one hand I am glad I bought Remnant but also wish I had the time and money for this.