A Guided Meditation Game Is a Headliner at a Virtualized Art and Music Fest

The year is 2021, and instead of going to an actual music festival, I’m sitting at my computer doing breathing exercises with a virtual version of the popstar Peaches. “Namaste,” she says, rendered as a multi-limbed goddess. Our meditation session starts, and I inhale for four seconds before slowly exhaling to the count of five; naturally my screen clouds up with breath.

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I miss SoundSelf.

Ok, ok, there’s at least a slight possibility Peaches isn’t white, yeah? Let’s find out.



I like the idea of a VR meditation experience but I’m also someone who when mediating prefers to have my eyes closed which would defeat the entire purpose of VR?

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Don’t have much to add, but Peaches was my partners music teacher in preschool!

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