'A Hat in Time' is the N64 Throwback 'Yooka-Laylee' Was Trying to Be


The new 3D platformer feels like a throwback to a forgotten time, in a good way.

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Thanks for pointing out about Jontron still being in the game. I get the sense that while the devs themselves don’t believe in that dude’s nationalist hogwash, they’re too afraid of potentially risking a review-bomb situation to do what Playtonic did with Yooka-Laylee and visibly remove him from the game. It’s a real shame.


I get why they didn’t take him out but in 2017 it’s real easy to skip any given game and that asshole being in it is enough for me


yep, thanks y’all but i’ll pass


This is the perfect chance to learn how to mod games to remove specific voice overs.


I don’t have a problem with his actual voice, I have a problem with my money going to provide him with financial support.

actually, I’ve never listened to him. Maybe I do have a problem with his voice. It probably sounds dumb and racist.


Possibly the first ever “Positive” review bomb when some dumb, angry nerds get upset when an outlet mentions it in a negative light. Steam brings us wondrous things in 2017.


Seems like I need to officially start my list of 'Games I Would Love To Play If Only They Were On The Switch, But I’lll Skip Until Then"


Took the words right out from under my typing fingers.

Whatever hit you’d take for removing him from the game would “lose you sales” from people who probably weren’t going to buy the game anyway and just show up to scare you away from doing stuff like that. Congratulations for giving in to the hate mob.


I’ve been waiting for this game for 5 years and I’m pretty resolute on buying it despite the controversy, if only on the idea that as someone who waited for Yooka-Laylee, i’d feel quite hypocritical to not give a chance to another studio who seems to have put a huge amount of care in their game. The other is that I always wanted to play a video game with my niece and I think she’ll appreciate that she can play a young girl as the main playable character, which I think is a first in 3D platformers.

All in all, I think I’m willing to spend the energy to recontextualize the game as a power for good rather than stopping myself because of a despicable man.


to be fair it’s unlikely that JonTron is actually getting any royalties from sales of the game rather than having already been paid for voice acting. to be more fair, fuck JonTron and anything that supports him.


It’s really easy for us to say that they should have done the right thing and taken his voice out, but their probable concerns over the ensuing shitstorm/review bombing/threatening of staff are sadly legitimate thanks to steam’s gross mismanagement of their platform. People need to make a living off of these games and I completely understand the fear that might have led to the decision on their part even if I don’t agree, it’s just a bad situation and a lose-lose


I’d also like to raise the point that considering how early Jon’s voice acting was implemented into the game, and the long development cycle the game has had, it’s possible that the team didn’t have the resources to replace the voice acting this late in development. When the Yooka-Laylee team had to replace Jontron’s grunts, the amount of time and resources would’ve been a lot less due to the nature of Yooka-Laylee’s garblespeech.

I still think that this whole situation is real shitty, and it’s a shame because the game seems pretty good.


There’s the possibility that it was a Kickstarter-mandated thing to have him appear in the game, or that there was a contract signed that they could not back out of for whatever reason. These are some things I’ve thought about since my post above.

I’ve seen a situation like this go down on a game I worked on where we noticed a Kickstarter backer who was required to appear as a character in the game had flipped sides around the time of Gamergate and basically become a different person. We minimized their role as much as possible in response, to the point where you wouldn’t even know, but couldn’t take them out because they were a backer.

I’m still angry, but I suppose it’s safer to piss off the people who will be offended he’s in the game than it would be to piss off the people who would be offended if he wasn’t. Since I’m not going to go Steam review-bomb them like those monsters would.


My gut reaction to finding out he’s involved was to avoid putting any money in it, which I still might not, but a lot of your comments raise good points re: potential kickstarter contracts or production difficulties.
Personally I’ll wait to see what this comes down to, regarding the size of his role and how/if he profits off of the game, because it seems like a cool charming game and I want to support it.


There’s something to be said for the fact that someone real bad likely worked on everything you’ve ever loved so I don’t blame people for looking past Jon Tron being in this.

I still come back to the fact that there’s so much already out this year that at the very least I would want to see how this stuff shakes out and if the devs double down on him instead of backing away.


One sobering detail from the game’s development:

I’ve played it for a couple hours. It’s very good and shows a lot more creativity and a lot less padding than Yooka-Laylee, as many have mentioned. I’d still very much like to see a representative of Gears for Breakfast at least make a comment about the situation, since even though it’s basically 7-8 seconds of a several hour long game, it hangs over the whole production like a specter.


That suuuuucks. A POC voice actor I worked with is on the cast as well.

I bet they’ll be more open to talk about it after the initial big sales window has passed.


Hmm. I’m not entirely sure how to parse this just yet (Twitter threads are hard to read on my phone) but this seems real bad:

PlayStation Summer Sale Suggestions

I don’t wanna sound like I don’t care about the awful nature of having an openly racist youtuber do VO in a game, but I feel like this is something I can look past. As previously discussed in this thread, his part was added into the game very early on, back before he opened the floodgates to his terrible political views being shared. In addition, I do not think (could be wrong though) he is making any money at all from the game’s sales. I used to follow him back in 2013-2015 when he was added, and from what I remember, his inclusion in the game was indeed due to a kickstarter reward (and a PR move on his part). Because of this, I am willing to look past his inclusion.
Now, as for the lead developer, what they did is not something to look past. However, because of the fact that the rest of the team, in my opinion, absolutely deserves support (especially the artists!) I personally am fine with giving the team money. To reiterate what another user here said, I’m sure every game we love that has a big team had terrible people work on it. Once again, this does not excuse their actions, I just personally am willing to still play the game.
From what I see, this game isn’t A Milkshake Duck in Time :]