A humble suggestion: Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition on Consoles is out, maybe a Waypoint stream would be cool?


I love me some KSP, and I’ve heard good things about the Enhanced Edition on consoles. The previous iteration was super buggy, but many of the issues have now been resolved, and owners of the first console version can get it for free. I recall Danielle saying how she likes space and such in several Waypoint podcasts and streams, and with Austin being a Project B.E.A.S.T. alumnus, I think it would be awesome for Danielle to have a go at launching those lovable bug-eyed green explorers into space, with some guidance from Austin. As a primarily console-player, it would be nice to see her perspective on the UI changes they’ve made to KSP, and more of Danielle and her spot-on accents is always more than welcome.


Project B.E.A.S.T. was so good. I’m not sure they could recapture the magic again but would be happy to see Waypoint try (does Joel like space? for some reason I think he might be into something like KSP).

Obligatory throwback fan sketch:


I don’t know if it’ll have the same magic without Austin yelling “VINNY!” every few minutes.


Project B.E.A.S.T. was certainly magical, but I think Waypoint can have its own take on our beloved KSP. I’d just love to see a more “regular” series featuring Danielle, and given her love for space, I think she’d have an interesting and unique perspective on launching Kerbals to orbit. The release of the Enhanced Edition addresses the difficulty she has with mouse and keyboard inputs, and also allows Waypoint to cover the improvements in the console version.

Sweet throwback sketch, btw. :grinning:


So as a space nerd who dabbled in KSP ages ago and was utterly baffled, should I give the Enhanced Edition a try on my Xbone? Because it seems like the kind of thing I’d be sucked into for hours at a time.


I’d love this, if only because it’ll expose more people to Kerbal. I’d love to know how many fellow Kerbonauts there are in the Waypoint community. It’s really the only game I play consistently these days (until Monster Hunter: World comes to PC).