A Light in the Darkness: Portable Gaming in Hurricane-Wrecked Puerto Rico


In a dark room, on a small desk, a screen pulses to life, and Mario begins jumping. A Switch, running Super Mario Odyssey, is one of the only sources of light when the sun sets on Falmung’s small Puerto Rican apartment, sapped of electricity for months.

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The administration’s disaster response for Puerto Rico has been fucking disgusting.


I talked about this on a podcast I produce called Headshots. I was in Puerto Rico for two months after the storm before leaving very recently. Getting my Switch charged and having new games made everything so much more bearable. I bought Mario + Rabbids the day before the storm and at the first wifi I found I bought 4 games: Golf Story, Picross, Steam World Dig 2, and Stardew Valley. Mario Odyssey pre-load was the best because it took me over a dozen hours to download it over spotty cellphone reception.