A long time ago in a ranch on the Far, Far Range - Slime Rancher thread


So I played Slime Rancher for a total of 2 days last year in August at my husband’s house while I was visiting Canada, and I rinsed through all the content that had been put in up to that point. It was a fun and amazing game, even in early access, and something about being able to tangibly run my own farm filled with cute squishy friends spoke to me. I didn’t buy it though, because I make it a point not to buy games on early access for the same reason I’ve only ever pre-ordered 2 games in my entire life: I don’t trust anyone.

It’s out of Early Access now, and honestly? It’s only gotten better. They’ve added so many features since I last played! The entire game feels more polished and with the addition of a crafting system, there’s actually a lot more to do with plorts and cash after you’ve finished upgrading your Ranch. Even the development roadmap looks promising. I know the addition of a map would be pretty useful to me right about now. I’m notoriously bad at directions.

So! Tell me about your ranching experiences, fellow forum-goers. What kind of slimes have you crossbreed. What’s your set-up like? Are you enjoying the little letters left around and the Starmail you’re getting? Most importantly, which slime is your favorite?


I’ve gotten it, but haven’t dug in yet! Very much looking forward to it, and I’ll report back asap :slight_smile:


I put a couple hours into this last night. It is very fun and charming, but I don’t think I really know what I’m doing yet. My slimes don’t seem to want to stay in their pens, and i’m suspicious some of them may be eating each other, though I’m not positive on that.


I got it way back in it’s early access days and waited for the full release, and it’s not disapointed. There was a time when it felt like I had no time of my hands from having to juggle all my different slime pens, but after setting the autofeeder to low and stocking each one up I’ve freed myself up for more exploration. I’ve just opened up the lab, which is super exciting. Making me regret swapping out my pink plort pen though. I love use of exploration as an incentive to seek stability, and how the range doesn’t feel at all seperate from your ranch. The sound design is brill too, to the point where I don’t completely turn it off when I put a podcast on. Beause it’s a belting podcast game once you’ve a bead on things.

I recon it’s time to face my fears and bring in some radioactive slimes around the lab. I’ve handled the crystal slimes well enough, I think I can take them.

@WastelandHound As a general rule, it’s worth putting an air net over every pen even if the slimes can’t fly. They can stack on top of each other and escape, crafty bastards. I generally keep the numbers down to 5 slimes per pen too, just so they’re manageable. I’d recomend adding a plort collector if you want to manage gordos though.


Why are all these smiling slimes so murderous?


I mean, there are mean slimes that are mean b/c they haven’t eaten, but the happy ones are just environmental hazards. Hazards of the job. You know how it is.

@WastelandHound Slimes don’t eat each other, thanks god. Just literally any plort. Just make sure you have enough money for High Walls and an Air Net, and they’ll usually stop. I don’t keep more than six largos to a pen b/c of this.


So they aren’t eating each other, they’re eating each other’s poop.

Just like my dogs.


They’re good slimes, Brent.