A Mobile Game in Every Box of Waypoint Wonder Waffles - Suggestion Thread


I noticed there was a mobile game thread asking what people are currently playing but I need more! It’s a big bummer for me that it is difficult to find mobile games that aren’t on the storefronts so I was hoping this thread we could throw suggestions out there for people to play. Also Waypoint Wonder Waffles is a cereal for Waypoint… Just make some suggestions like follows:

Card Crawl developed by Tinytouchables

A card game that deals the player weapons, shields, and spells in an attempt to defeat the bar tender by reaching the end of the deck. Some games can go awry if the cards are dealt poorly, but the tools provided generally allow the player enough choice to escape a bad situation.

INKS developed by State of Play Games

INKS takes pinball and then dips it in a bucket of paint. As the ball rolls across the screen it leaves a trail of color behind, and with each collision a splash. This pinball game differentiates itself from others as it encourages the player to try and complete boards by hitting the targets using the lease amount of flipper hits as possible which can lead to incredibly rewarding moments.

Final note: I don’t think it matters if these are long or short suggestions, just showing others mobile games to check out is cool!

Recommendations for Android games?

I’m still playing Fire Emblem Heroes. Never missed a daily bonus, never paid a penny. It’s flawed as hell and I have a deep-seated hatred for Takumi now, but I do really like it. Miles better than any actual Fire Emblem games.

I also have the Bionicle reboot tie-in to Journey to One, and despite it being WAY repetitive it’s actually alright. Not exactly great, but it’s free and I like the low-poly models and animations, so nyeh.


I’m playing Topsoil! It’s verrrrry fun and relaxing. Strategically harvesting crops on the train is a nice pass-time :slight_smile:


SteamWorld Heist is a must-have.
Rush Rally 2 is a decent racer with surprisingly good touch controls.

Edit: Also you should try Polytopia, if you’re looking for a Civilization-light.


I’ve been playing Hyperburner! I know very little bit about it/when it came out but it’s good for quick little moments


KAMI 2’s been fun and challenging too


I thought I could stay away from Neko Atsume

I was wrong


I’m a big fan of non-traditional Picross games, two of my favorites being Hungry Cat Picross and Nonocube.

I love mobile puzzle games, but I’m super picky with a lot of them. If anyone has any good recommendations, I’d be happy to hear them (esp. if they’re on Android :smile:)


Woah I never noticed this, just googling “exploring a dungeon through playing cards” actually brings up a lot of results including Warhammer Quest. Repurposing playing cards for RPG mechanic is probably a really popular way of brainstorming a design for a game. In a class I took a while ago we had to do something similar with the game War.

I have never heard of Donsol though, sounds like something I should try out!


If you want a fun (if very difficult) rougelike/rhythm game, I’d recommend Crypt of the Necrodancer: Pocket Edition. It’s a port, but I think it was ported really well and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective was originally a DS game, but the iOS port polished it up a lot and I’d definitely recommend it. You play as a ghost who prevents murders by haunting things, and the whole experience is super fun and charming.


Every time I unlock a full 5 heroes and get all 3 stars and a bunch of repeats I die a little inside and just want to put the game away


Duet by Kumobius and Tim Shiel will always be my favorite iOS game. So much content for 99c and the soundtrack is absolutely stellar.


Puzzle and Dragon. It’s more than puzzles and more than dragons. It’s an endless rabbit hole of dungeons, combos and gashapons.


80 Days is a charming choose your own adventure game based on the novel with some really nice visuals to go along with it. Also a big fan of Reigns, a genuinely funny strategy (?) game about trying to rule a kingdom and please it’s needy, strange citizens by considering their often ridiculous requests.


Polytopia is a great streamlined Civ-like. IMO it makes really smart choices design-wise about what to pare away to get it to play well on a phone.

There’s a tremendous amount of game available for free; the in app purchases are just to unlock additional civilizations (which aside from aesthetic differences basically only really differ in starting technology and/or unit).


Dungeon Raid is a fantastic puzzle-rpg style game BUT chugs like mad when you first start it up on more recent versions of Android than like 3 years old, and there’s been no update in that time. It gets fine after a couple turns, but those first few turns will run slow as hell.
Solitairica is a great card-based rpg game that I’ve heard referred to as “a Solitaire rogue-like” but the only rogue-like element I’ve seen is that the game reserves the right to just decide to fuck you with RNG at any point and there’s nothing you can do about it. I think it’s been mentioned on the podcast a couple times.
Hoplite is a puzzle action game where you need to guide a greek Hoplite through various levels of a dungeon, one move at a time. It’s easily one of the best designed games I’ve ever played.
Finally, my current obsession is Drop7, a puzzle games where you drop balls numbered 1-7 into a 7x7 grid and hope you don’t get fucked over by getting a ton of 1-balls. It’s very good.


This is my life now.


I am so bad at Topsoil :confounded: but I keep trying


Dungeon Raid is such a great game! I would love to see it get updated to run better on newer versions of Android.

@juv3nal I’m checking out Polytopia, it sounds awesome.


It’s so hard to find good mobile games!

I’m a sucker for any Kairosoft game other than the gamedev style ones – DreamHouse and Station Manager are both way deeper than you’d expect from a phone game, even though all their games use the same cut-and paste menu system/assets. Mega Mall Story is probably their best in terms of not overdoing it, the two above can get kind of crowded and hard to manage on a small screen.

And of course Mini Metro is a great commuter puzzle game with a cool concept/style.