A monthly get together - a bit like a book group, but with games :)


Hey everyone

I’ve always wanted to start a podcast, so in February I’m doing it.


LOL, and then you post your first post accidentally before you’ve finished it. Fills the forum with confidence! :slight_smile:

Anyway, every month we’ll pick a game and then I’ll assemble a panel to talk about it with input from listeners. We’ll record it and put it out as a podcast. I’ve set up a discord as I’m posting this all over the place, have had a good response on Giant Bomb so far. Am headed to other places like Polygon and Reddit after this :slight_smile:

Come and have a chat over here if you’re interested.

I think our first game is going to be Hyperlight Drifter as it’s been on my list for years and is cross platform.

Looking forward to chatting to you all about it!


Video game book club sounds rad! I don’t own Hyperlight Drifter so will have to skip on this one, but I’ll definitely be checking in for future games! :grinning: