A More Civilized Age or: How Ali, Austin, Natalie, and Rob Made Me Watch 9+ Hours of Bad Star Wars to "Get to the Good Stuff"

I was really disappointed that when Saw rescued the king and discovered he was a pitiful indecisive loser, and weirdly speaking to our time, seemingly an institutionalist. I was ready for the king to say “yeah, fruit eating guy is awful but he’s your king and show loyalty” and Saw to say, “you’re better off executed, you’re better to our revolution as a martyr”.

I dig this arc because it dares show a legitimacy to an army of national liberation and it might also be the single worst moment for the Jedi, they could not look worse.


The character trope of a revolutionary whose use of violence goes “too far” has always been especially comical in the Star Wars universe, where we know the Empire is going to build a Death Star, so Saw Gerrera has never quite worked for me as written despite Whittaker’s great performance in Rogue One (and in the video game, I think?). But I find he works a bit better here, in the context of his home planet and the time before the Empire.

Also, every time someone pronounced Steela as Stayla it made me think of Sayla Mass, and in turn made me hope Saw would try to do a colony drop on Coruscant. Saw’s Counterattack when.

(I said this to a friend and she informed me of a comic AU where Yoda does this during A New Hope. Amazing, I need Disney to What If…? style adapt that story.)


I was introduced to him in Rogue One and he worked for me there, I think, because it’s never explicit what his “too far” is - we know he’s rejected by the wider Rebel Alliance but not why, so we can draw our own conclusions (me? I’m big “Saw was probably right, his opponents have a Death Star”). Being super vague about his other appearances, I don’t think most Star Wars writers/creators have been well equipped to explore what “too far” might actually mean against a fascist empire, leaning more on straw man “well sure that’s obviously wrong” situations where he or characters like him just do dumb things for no coherent reason, rather than investigating the divide between the safer politicking of a Bail Organa vs. the direct action of a Saw Gerrera.

EDIT: I keep spotting typos. Gonna be calling Leia’s dad “Bail Organs” from now on.

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Not that I’m looking forward to more Robo-Skywalker but I wouldn’t mind if the Ahsoka show at least gestured at her journey from when we last saw her before The Mandalorian (yes I am being cryptic) to being Luke Skywalker’s Jedi-in-residence

edit due to misread

My main problem with Ahsoka in live action is she’s played by Rosario Dawson. It’s partially because of you know why but also because she appears to be playing her mostly as Rosario Dawson with prosthetics when the animated Ahsoka had quite a substantial amount of character development across two shows and several years.

That all that might just culminate in Rosario Dawson with prosthetics is a shame.

I would be interested to know how much oversight the House of Mouse had over the final season of Clone Wars and Rebels as well because it’s hard to pin down where these missteps are happening in the live action stuff. Is it oversight? Is it that the animated writers just can’t translate this stuff to live action?

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Other than the obvious actor stuff you mentioned, I have beef with her live action design because AFAIK Togruta headtails grow longer as they get older and even if they’re arguing that’s not always true we’ve straight up seen Ahsoka in animation with longer headtails! I guess it could just be an adaptation thing of wanting the prosthetics to get in the way less, but it feels more like someone who didn’t know the character well enough was imitating (or was instructed to imitate) early season Ahsoka and not later appearance Ahsoka.

Good to listen to the clone wars crew again!

Ahsoka sure has big ol eyeballs, you can really see the difference between her and other characters roughly her age in the arc.

Anakin sees that she clearly has the hots for another teen and his response is a predictable “focus on the mission” which I translate to “hook up, do whatever as long as our goals are met. I have a pregnant wife but I win wars and the other Jedi are mostly scared of me, so they turn the other way.”
He’s a wartime Jedi, results are everything.
Also never thought about Vader being such an effective Rebel hunter because Anakin trained and embedded so many of them.

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First off, this look gorgeous and I’m very excited to see Forest Whittaker again.

Mostly I’m very interested in what this is going to say about revolutionary ideology and the ways republics slide into autocracy.

Other than the Whittaker/Saw connection, I wonder if this is going to be more of a minefield for the Civilized crew (thinking back on the Obi-Wan show where it turned out there was essentially nothing linking Clone Wars and Obi-Wan Kenobi, despite some official suggestions otherwise). Especially as it’s landing at a very thematically appropriate moment in their coverage.

Beyond that - yep, this sure is some Star Wars. I’ve a deep well of fondness for Star Wars that they can exploit in that I’ll likely watch it all regardless of whether it’s good or how they market it, but this is probably the first of their live action Disney+ trailers where I’ve gone “huh, this actually looks great.”


Those 17 years between The Clone Wars and A New Hope sure have been rough on Saw. That man looks like he’s aged forty years or more.

Fun timing on the Andor trailer. I wasn’t much interested, but now I’m in just to see if they refer at all to the events of Clone Wars. And Andor as a character didn’t have much to him, but a history of the Rebellion? I’m in.

A show which explores the history of the Rebellion and looks at the tension between the revolutionary (and correct) “extremist” wing of Saw Gerrera and his boys versus the people who decided to call it “The Alliance to Restore Sanity The Republic” could be great but I’m fully prepared for Disney to whiff it.


I think a big minefield aspect is that I imagine this show will cross over with Rebels a lot, which the crew I think intends on watching. I believe they are set in the exact same time period (1-4 years before A New Hope).

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Sorry, I’m out forever on Hondo. He had me for a bit in the previous arc, but I draw the line at sex trafficking and child murder. If that makes me part of the wokeist mob, so be it.


Creeping on a teenager didn’t much help his cause last arc either.

I think he’s trying to be Michael Parks’ dapper Mexican pimp character from Kill Bill Part 2 when he’s flirty and its just awful.

They’re kind of telling on themselves when they say the lightsaber is a Jedi’s most valuable tool. What makes Jedi powerful and important isn’t their mastery of negotiation or strategic prowess, they regularly get bested by non-force sensitive people in those areas. They’re powerful because they can cut people in half whenever they want. The fact that individual members can kill a dozen people without breaking a sweat gives the Jedi Order a monopoly on violence beyond legal and social conventions.


The part of the pod where Austin says “The characters I like in Clone Wars? Characters who’re willing to kill kids. Cad Bane, Saw Gerrera; it’s all lining up… Anakin Skywalker.” had me laughing out loud.


As they were talking about the 1000 year old droid being oldest and wisest I thought, “what if an AU where in a thousand years, R2 becomes god king but no one understands what he is saying anymore and so they use him like the emperor in 40k”


Can I just say that I love Gungi and am really sad that he’s probably going to get murdered horribly by Anakin in a year or two? Maybe forcing a wooden lightsaber is sticking too much to Wookie stereotypes but it does look sick as shit.

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